Bondage Discipline

Release Date: Apr.24.2014
Running Time: 0:43:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Niki Lee Young, Natalia Starr, Kendra James, Layla Sin, Barbie Edwards, Sierra Nevada

Niki Lee Young meets her match when her heated argument with Natalia Starr goes ballistic! Overpowered and bound in her bra and panties by her crazy housemate, Niki stands helpless while Natalia gags her with black tape, then bares and gropes her breasts. Aroused by Niki's reactions to her outrageous behavior, Natalia places her bound and gagged plaything on the floor in front of a couch, where she tickles the captive's bare feet and dominates whimpering Niki with her own feet!

Except for her coppery hair and red toes, Kendra James is blue both literally and figuratively! Tied up on a hardwood floor in jeans and matching shirt, tape-gagged Kendra maneuvers onto her hip and side as she attempts to escape, then slips out of her sandals in a desperate effort to open the door with her bare feet! It's a failure and Kendra's pulled onto her stomach by her captor, who punishes the beleagured beauty by tickling her soles!

Exotic dark-haired beauty Layla Sin lies bound and naked on a bed, her toes tied, her mouth stuffed with cloth and covered with semi-transparent tape. Layla struggles energetically on her stomach until she's more securely restrained on her hip with a waist-ankle tether and her gag augmented with duct tape!

Trussed up on her bed in a bright red negligee, full-figured Barbie Edwards first twists and strains in a sitting position before rolling onto her side where her futile writhing continues. Ball-gagged Barbie ends up on her stomach, where she angrily kicks up her bare feet, but she's no closer to escape than she was when she began.

She's sick and tired of staying at home so blonde doll Sierra Nevada squeezes into a hot red party dress but she's barely out the door before she's grabbed by a stern master! Gagged with a cleave, Sierra's punished by ropework that forces her to sit on the edge of a platform, where the spirited girl battles her bondage by twisting upright and writhing on her side, but she can't free her ankles from the hobble pinning her to the furniture leg.

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