Grab And Bind: Dani Daniels: Dani's Dungeon Peril

Release Date: Apr.13.2012
Running Time: 0:53:44
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Dani Daniels, Loren Chance

Ambitious journalist Dani Daniels' attempted expose of bad behavior in the dungeon takes an alarming turn that leaves Dani exposed!

Dani gets her foot in the door by visiting the home of Mistress Loren Chance for an introduction to BD/SM. Always straight to the point, Loren informs Dani that the best way to experience dominanace and submission is to be tied and gagged -- and that clothes get in the way! Dani's unwilling to go bare, but reluctantly slips off her shoes and strips to bra and panties; after neatly binding and gagging Dani, Loren leaves her to struggle and submerge herself in helplessness! When Loren returns and releases her, she invites Dani to the dungeon for a closer look at the dominant woman's mysterious world!

What Dani doesn't know is that Loren's been tipped off about her journalistic scheme! So when she appears at the dungeon a few days later, Dani encounters a very different woman, one who expects only abject submission! Forcing Dani out of her clothes, Loren trusses her securely with black rope, then introduces her soft mouth to a ball-gag! After Dani's been roughly fondled by Loren, then dumped on the floor naked and ball-tied, the dazed young reporter begins to realize that she's in deep trouble!

Loren continues to play with Dani by seating her precariously on a small leather seat thrust up from a wooden apparatus. Her ankles cuffed separately and wrists cuffed apart to a wooden bar above her head that Loren gleefully raises until her arms are stretched high, Dani whimpers through the black cloth tied over her mouth! Once she has her luscious victim utterly defenseless, Loren frames Dani's irresistible breasts with rope before treating them to more of her hands-on affection!

Seated even more uncomfortably on a two-step wooden device that forces her body backwards, ball-gagged Dani writhes miserably, hands tied behind her back and legs tied apart! After verbally and manually driving home the message that Dani is completely in her power, Loren accentuates the intimidated girl's bondage with a rope tied between her legs that foreshadows events to come!

Loren saves her most severe test of Dani's limits for the last: crotch- roped, bound and tape-gagged, Dani kneels fearfully on a bench and shivers as Loren celebrates the failure of her undercover project! But the merciless mistress adds a final touch to Dani's anguish by folding her upper body down to the bench and roping it in place so that she's left packaged and vulnerable for other denizens of the dungeon! With a few final light-hearted tickles of Dani's exposed bare soles, Loren departs to find other victims!

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