Nice Girls Squirm In Knotty Plots

Release Date: Dec.21.2015
Running Time: 0:48:2
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Alix Lynx, Luna Lain, Charlotte Stokely, Phoebe Queen, Ashley Lane, Kylie Sinner, Leah Gotti

Huddling together on a bed, Alix Lynx and Luna Lain try to comfort each other after their apartment's been taken over by a mysterious woman and her associates! Consolation's harder to come by, however, after the woman decides that Alix and Luna will have to be restrained and silenced; now, trussed and tape-gagged, the hapless housemates squirm side-by-side on the bed! Bare-foot and bare- breasted, Luna and Alix mumble to each other before the feisty redhead attempts to kick open the bedroom's window-blinds; when the noise brings retribution, the unlucky secretaries endure additional restriction that tethers their ankles to the ropework around their chests!

Gorgeous blonde exec Charlotte Stokely finds herself in an awkward situation when she's confined to an antiquated room where she's tied face-down on a small bed with a black cleave-gag between her lips! Charlotte manages to loosen the rope hitching her to the bedposts by desperately kicking her legs, but her reward is a hogtie and a tape-gag replacing the cleave! Arching energetically in her stockinged feet, Charlotte clings to the hope that she'll soon be free; instead, when the wrist-ankle tether's finally removed, she's hidden in a closet by the heartless schemers!

Dressed in a pinstripe jacket and skirt, Phoebe Queen's the epitome of the stylishly enticing young businesswoman; she's also sitting bound and gagged on a couch next to an open safe! Phoebe's been ordered to remain motionless, but instead slips off her high heels, then slides onto the floor and begins to edge toward an open door. Before she goes far, the bespectacled little beauty's overheard by the thieves, who tether Phoebe on her hip to the couch and leave her struggling, her rope-framed breasts embarrassingly exposed!

Long-legged Ashley Lane's demurely alluring in her pink sweater, tight skirt and black pumps, but her sweet sexiness matters little to the intruder who stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals it in place with duct tape! Blue-eyed Ashley twists strenuously while she's roped sideways to a chair, then continues her futile struggles after she's moved to the top of her desk and ball-tied with her breasts and feet bared!

Kylie Sinner's valuable antique volume attracts the kind of people who are willing to bind and gag an innocent young office worker just to make a few hundred grand! And when cousin Leah Gotti pays a visit, she only has time to remove Kylie's black cleave-gag before she's also treated to restrictive ropework! The two pretty bondaged brunettes sitting next to each other in blouses, skirts, pantyhose and pumps provide sinister inspiration for the greedy intruders; their plot takes shape while Kylie and Leah curl up on the floor, legs folded by waist-ankle tethers! Leaning apprehensively against each other, breasts bared and stockinged feet arching, the tape-gagged pair murmur back and forth while waiting for a hero to appear! 


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