Alexa Grace X-Posed

Release Date: Dec.21.2015
Running Time: 0:48:36
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Alexa Grace

It's flattering to have an admirer, but there can also be a downside as Alexa Grace discovers when a kinky fan plots an afternoon in bondage for her! Seems he wants a pictorial portfolio of the tall and beautiful blonde bound and spread so he secures the services of an operative experienced in such matters. As a result, instead of heading to the mall in her black tank top, short patterned skirt and open-toed silver pumps, the dazed Alexa sits tied to a chair, blindfolded and tape-gagged! The blindfold soon disappears, but so do the ropes around her ankles and knees, which are then deployed to pin her ankles to the back of the chair; her pussy exposed, Alexa squirms in disbelief as a camera records her plight!

Though Alexa naturally hopes that her ordeal has concluded, it's actually just beginning! Dressed in an appealing purple nighty, Alexa sits tied on the edge of a wooden dining table, her eyes shining with alarm above the knotted black cleave-gag spreading her lips! Her legs are pinned together by a cross-ankled tie and Alexa arches her red-nailed bare feet as she struggles, but before long, those long legs are spread wide by tethers that link her ankles to the table-legs and her breasts are bared; once again, this innocent beauty's the pussybound object of attention! 

Time for a trip to the bedroom, where long-legged Alexa's roped down on a four-poster bed! Naked now except for an eye-catching beaded micro-thong, Alexa's arms are stretched wide and tied to the headposts, while her ankles are bound together and hitched at the bottom of the bed. Her shapely soles are briefly the center of attraction before the inevitable rearrangement opens her legs so that the unusual beaded garment can make its full impact! As Alexa whimpers through her tape-gag and arches her slender body, an oval of dark beads perfectly frames the pussy that's the focus of her admirer's obsession! 

It's a warm and pleasant day, so Alexa's spending some time poolside, though her experience isn't as pleasant as the day. Clad in a black thong bikini and sandals, she's confined to a wide wooden bench with her arms tied separately to the benchposts and her ankles roped together; a bright red ball-gag muffles the objections that Alexa keeps trying to voice! When her ankles are re-tethered to the posts, the bikini bottom vanishes and her legs are secured eccentrically so that one foot contacts the cement while the other rests on the bench. Bare-breasted and drooling, Alexa confronts a pitiless camera and wonders when the day of madness will end! 

The conclusion of her bizarre trial does finally arrive, but only after Alexa endures a spreadeagle that pins her to the ground, each limb linked by rope to a separate metal spike driven into the earth! She's tape-gagged and utterly naked, but as Alexa twists on the mercifully-placed towel, she senses that her pussy will have to sustain one last challenge. It arrives in the form of a vibrator tied to her inner thigh and switched on so that its pulses will radiate through Alexa's clit to the rest of her bound body! The spasms that animate Alexa provide a deeply satisfying climax to the plot hatched by a man whose admiration crossed a line he never noticed! 

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