Bondage: Every Which Way But Loose

Release Date: Apr.17.2014
Running Time: 0:45:55
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Eva Lovia, Sierra Nevada, Lyla Storm, Erika Jordan, Lee Smith, Emily Kae

Fear trumps all emotions when naked girlfriends Eva Lovia and Sierra Nevada are harshly dragged into the room, their wrists and breasts bound, their pussies oppressed with taut crotch-ropes and their voices negated by black-tape gags! After being shoved into a degrading breast-to-breast grind by a heartless hooded overseer, the frightened beauties are displayed on the floor in a sitting position with their ankles crossed and tied. Later tethered on their hips, Eva and Sierra twist apprehensively while awaiting the promised arrival of powerful men who covet unclothed girls in bondage.

If only Lyla Storm had done some research, she would have been advised that allowing Erika Jordan to spreadeagle her on a bed was asking for trouble! But once Lyla's long-limbed naked body was stretched out and pinned down with rope, and duct tape applied to her mouth, she was in no position to prevent Erika's erotic domination. As an appetizer, Erika fondled and licked Lyla's breasts and tickled her feet; for the main course, she tied a vibrator to her squirming captive's crotch-roped pussy and turned on the juice! Lyla's moaning and spasming responses to her gift were highly satisfying, of course, to an aroused Erika.

But Erika wasn't nearly as appreciative when Lyla gained the upper hand and showed that she could also be creative with a helpless girl's nude body. With her voluptuous victim tethered on her knees to the bed's headboard, lanky Lyla surprised Erika with a bit gag that fit snugly between her lips and forcefully symbolized her subjugation. Firmly in control, Lyla lay back and used her black-stockinged feet to tickle Erika and probe her crotch-roped snatch, then slipped behind her back and made Erika moan by spanking her bottom and fingering her soles!

What better way to keep a high-powered businesswoman like Lee Smith under control than to tie her up in a closet? Impeccable in her dark jacket and skirt, pantyhose and heels, Lee stands roped, cleave-gagged and hitched to the closet bar; indignant at her predicament, the statuesque executive twists, moans and nearly pops out of her shoes! Lee finally sheds her tether and slides onto the floor, then wriggles around the corner before confronting a captor who discourages any further efforts at escape!

Surprised by an intruder while clad only in polka-dotted bra and panties, lithe blonde Emily Kae's in for a harrowing experience after she's forced to lie face-down on the floor, then secured with rope and gagged with duct-tape! Emily struggles energetically on her stomach, raising size- 10 bare feet close to her hands as she attempts to loosen her ankle bonds; her bright blue eyes widen when her breasts are bared after she's hauled onto her hip. During her vigorous battle against ropework, Emily also stretches out her long legs but never succeeeds in escaping her plight.

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