Rope Bondage For Pretty Girls

Release Date: Jun.27.2016
Running Time: 0:47:13
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ember Stone, Zoe Taylor, Samantha Hayes, Janira Wolfe, Holly Manning, Adriana Sephora

Even the hardest heart would be softened by the sight of sweet little brunette Ember Stone, who's being held trussed-up and tape-gagged in her tiny apartment! Ember sits nervously squirming on a black couch until a slight chance of escape appears in the person of room-mate Zoe Taylor -- but that chance vanishes when Zoe's seized! Also tightly-roped and tape-gagged, tall blonde Zoe sits on the edge of a bed only a few feet from Ember, her ankles tethered to the bedframe; with Zoe unable to move, Ember takes the initiative by slipping off her sandals, then hopping barefoot to the bed, where she sits next to her friend! Working feverishly to free each other, the bound couple isn't aware that they've been spotted by the intruder until it's too late; their legs folded by rope-links between wrists and ankles, Zoe and Ember lie struggling side-by-side on the bed! 

There's something mystifying about the plight of Samantha Hayes, who sits bound on the carpeted floor, a red bandanna tied between her lips -- until her body language is accurately interpreted! Quirkily-costumed in a snug orange top, short denim overalls and patterned knee-sox, sprightly Samantha twists in bondage but her wide eyes convey amusement and arousal instead of apprehension and anxiety! Anything but distressed, the long- haired damsel rolls around playfully as she wordlessly requests alterations in her bondage that leave her blissfully bare-breasted and happily hogtied!

The woman who knocked on Janira Wolfe's door quickly ascertained that the vivacious little blonde was home alone -- good news for the bad woman who pushed Janira inside and bound her to a chair! After stuffing cloth in the dazed girl's mouth and sealing her lips with white tape, the ruthless fugitive made herself at home while Janira writhed in rope, then bared the breasts and feet of her hapless hostess! 

Holly Manning's dressed for warm weather in a peach-colored tank top, orange shorts & sandals, but Holly's staying indoors and perched on an armchair in tied and tape-gagged restraint! Unwilling to remain submissive, Holly carefully raises herself out of the chair on her sandaled bare feet, then slides onto the floor, where she strains energetically against the ropework that continues to stubbornly embrace her curvaceous body! 

Clad only in pink bra and panties, Adriana Sephora's secured to a wooden chair by oppressive coils of rope tightened around the voluptuous girl's wrists, chest, knees and ankles! As Adriana contorts her bound body and arches her shapely bare feet against the floor, her complaints are muffled by a white cleave-gag; the busty blonde's expressive eyes widen indignantly after her bra's folded down to expose those eye- catching orbs! 

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