Grab and Bind: Danielle Trixie

Release Date: Aug.10.2012
Running Time: 0:36:50
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Danielle Trixie

"OK, OK -- you got me, but just let me tell you my side of the story! It's not all my fault -- you've got to give some of the blame to these dumb chicks who open the door and let you in even if they don't know you from Adam! Like this Danielle -- that's her name, right? -- who got me into this trouble! I was just planning to rip her off, so I grabbed her and tied her up, then taped her mouth and threw her on a couch! But I admit I kind of got distracted because she was so damn cute! Then her room mate came home and, sure, I made her undress beforetying her up -- let her keep her panties on though! Well, I started to toss their place, but I heard them rolling around and making these little whimpering sounds, so I sorta lost focus again!

"It seemed to me they might be getting loose, so I figured the only way I could really concentrate on the burglary was to truss 'em up really tight, so they both had to strip naked and I got kind of elaborate, roping them together kneeling on chairs so they could hardly move! But to be honest, they looked pretty hot like that, rubbing their boobs together as they squirmed and making more of those sounds! The friend -- Angel, I guess it was -- had quite a rack, so I suppose you could say I had a brainstorm! I let them go, then tied up that sweet Angel so her boobs and pussy were both showing, but left Danielle free so she could play with her little pal -- nothing bad, just squeezing Angel's tits and sucking her toes, just stuff like that! Oh, yeah -- it's not like they were such innocent little darlings; when I was prowling the apartment, opening drawers and such, I found this ball gag, so I stuffed it in Angel's mouth and it fit real fine!

"After awhile, I got bored and decided that turnabout was fair play so I let Angel go and hogtied little Danielle, who wasn't too happy with that switcheroo, no indeed! But she didn't have avote and just had to wriggle around when I told Angel to tickle her feet and lick them! Yeah, I definitely had forgot about the theft part by that time! But I finally got my head together -- as much fun as I was having, it wasn't going to buy me any groceries! So I grabbed Angel, hogtied her too and stuck that ball back in her mouth! Did a quick run through of the place, got a little bit of jewelry, some electronic stuff and got the hell out; have to say they didn't seem all that sorry to see me go! You've got to admit I did the right thing, calling 911 about the two naked girls all tied up in their apartment so nothing bad would happen -- course it was also kind of a thrill talking about it too! Hey, I'm only human!"

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