Wrapping Up Summer

Release Date: Oct.10.2014
Running Time: 0:51:53
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Summer Brielle, Ellery Corin, Chloe Amour, Ariana Grand, Jasmine Caro, Aubrielle Summer

 Voluptuous Summer Brielle receives a plastic wrap and duct tape cocoon that clings lovingly to her amazing naked body as she stands wide-eyed and wary. Just to make sure that Summer isn't tempted to hop away, she's lifted onto a massage table and secured in place by four more lengths of duct tape; her gag-stifled pleas for release are compelling but remain unanswered! 

All wrapped up in clear plastic and red tape, exotic Chloe Amour looks worried as she stands and balances barefoot; flopped onto a yellow lounge, she continues to dart apprehensive glances around the room and murmur through the red tape sealing her lips. Chloe does have reason to be concerned because the wrapping around her chest will be breached for breast-fondling before the same opportunistic guy sucks on her red-nailed bare toes!

The unusual purple tape coiled around her plastic-sealed naked flesh and pressed over her lips accurately represents the distinctive personality of blonde spitfire Ellery Corin. Gifted with a superior sense of balance, Ellery engages in daring undulations while standing and maintains her high level of energetic defiance after her transfer to a horizontal position on a wooden coffee table!

When we say that dark-haired pixie Ariana Grand is wrapped black and blue, let's hasten to add that those are the colors of the alternating coils of tape pressing clear plastic against her small naked body! Gagged in similar bi-colored fashion, Ariana stands and wriggles before being situated with her legs stretched across an armchair, a situation that permits brief tickling access to her sensitive bare soles!

Take a seat, Jasmine Caro -- just don't expect to get up anytime soon! The dark- haired nude's wrapped with plastic and silver duct tape onto a chair with one lilac-nailed foot touching the floor while the other's folded up onto the chair seat. Jasmine's opinion of her plight is undoubtedly negative but will have to be expressed by her contorted body language because duct tape muffles her voice.

Glamorous Aubrielle Summer meets her match when a black-hooded man confines her luscious nude body in duct tape and plastic wrap. Also gagged with duct tape, Aubrielle squeals when her tightly sealed bottom takes a brief spanking, then lies uneasily on a couch with her bare feet propped up and vulnerable to predatory fingers! 

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