Restrained By Rope

Release Date: Apr.19.2013
Running Time: 0:51:8
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Brooklyn Chase,Megan Salinas, Alexis Adams, Chloe Lynn, Natalie Heart, Linda Lay, Aleigha Hotstein,Cassie Laine

 A ski-masked desperado subjects Brooklyn Chase to a massage she never asked for! After securing Brooklyn's busty nude body to the massage table with a plentiful supply of rope and duct-taping her mouth, he tickles her toe-tied bare feet and fondles her breasts while the crotch-roped captive squeals indignantly!

Megan Salinas is a brunette spitfire and Alexis Adams is a blonde innocent, but they're twins in bondage! Seated side-by-side on a bed, their lips sealed with tape, Megan and Alexis attempt to loosen each other's ropework until they're relocated onto their stomachs with their ankles tethered to the headboard!

Somebody really has it in for Chloe Lynn because they've left the cute little nude seated in a very awkward position! Trapped in a web of rope, tape-gagged Chloe balances precariously on the bottom steps of a staircase, her wide-spread legs exposing her pussy for all the world to appreciate!

Linda Lay plays hardball with Natalie Heart after she catches the lingerie- clad beauty off-guard in her bedroom! Once she has Natalie tied up and tape-gagged, Linda exposes and plays with her breasts, then stands back and watches contentedly as her prisoner battles unsuccessfully against her bonds!

Aleigha Hotstein's bondage undergoes several alterations during her time in restraint, all of which increase Aleigha's humiliation! Roped to a wicker armchair in a white nighty, her ankles tied together, Aleigha's dismayed when her breasts are bared and her ankles re-tied separately to reveal a pussy no longer veiled by her panties! Her compound gag of cloth stuffing and black cleave also becomes more intrusive as time passes oh-so-slowly for Aleigha!

Cassie Laine never surrenders to captivity, even after she's left naked, bound and tape-gagged on a lounge! Edging carefully onto the floor, Cassie courageously wriggles her little body across the floor, then lifts her size-5 bare feet to the door-knob! 


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Aleigha Hotstein and Cassie Laine are gorgeous damsels. More of both of them !! Nice gags used with Aleigha.