Grab and Bind: Sunny Leone

Release Date: May.20.2011
Running Time: 0:49:45
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Sunny Leone, Claire Adams


Sunny Leone's a sweet, voluptuous pinup star who radiates a distinctive dark eyed beauty! She's also a person who trusts her friends completely -- a major mistake as it turns out, since two of those closest to her conspired to grab Sunny! No, not one of those garden variety snatchings that's all about the money, but one that was driven by misguided desire and human frailty -- a timeless tale of beauty and bondage!


Jason's motivation was simple: he wanted to be Sunny's hero. Claire's was equally straightforward: she owed Jason beaucoup bucks in gambling debts and he offered a simple means of redeeming the marker! As her assistant, Claire could put Sunny in a position of peril from which Jason would rescue her, then quietly disappear. Sunny even unwittingly aided the conspirators by asking Claire to spice up her site by tying her up and photographing her as the lightly bound model struggled playfully for the camera!


At first, Claire followed Sunny's directions, artfully roping the bikini clad girl and snapping off shots as Sunny played at being the damsel in distress! But when Sunny tired of her restraint and asked for release, she was stunned when Claire instead tied a cloth in her mouth and tightened the bondage! Harshly warning Sunny that her captivity was very real, Claire shot more photos of the bound and gagged model whose fear was no longer simulated! Claire then momentarily released the meekly unresisting Sunny and pulled off her top before trapping her in a spider's web of rope and covering her mouth with tape! Enterprising as well as desperate, Claire calculated that a nice portfolio of Sunny Leone bondage photos would bring her cash at some point in her uncertain future!


Once she'd catered to her own interests, Claire whisked Sunny off to the abandoned garage she and Jason had arranged for the rescue. All her suppressed resentment of Sunny emerged in the rigorous ball tie to which she subjected Sunny as the bare breasted prisoner whimpered behind her tape gag and squirmed on a shabby mattress in the corner of the garage! Then as the exhausted Sunny stood roped to a wooden post, Claire ruthlessly bound her breasts and taunted her as she waited for Jason to put an end to the drama!


The knockout she expected, but Claire never imagined that a vengeful Sunny would so expertly truss her into such an uncomfortable position before tape gagging her! As she writhed awkwardly, Claire tried hard to believe that Jason would fulfill his whispered promise to return and release her before Sunny could call the cops. No matter the outcome, Claire swore to herself, my gambling days are over! 


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