Midnight Foot Prowling

Release Date: Jan.02.2017
Running Time: 0:31:25
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning

Poor Holly Manning -- she's just napping pajama-clad on her bed when a hooded giant pays a late-night visit! After he binds her hand and foot with duct-tape and gags her with more of the same, he prowls her apartment while Holly rolls around on her bed in a desperate attempt to free herself! But his wanderings bring him back to the bedroom where he unceremoniously pulls up Holly's legs, then jams her shapely bare feet into his mouth so he can suck her toes! 

Holly's visitor isn't finished with her feet -- not by a long-shot! He's allowed her to dress, so Holly's more lovely than ever, with her long brown hair flowing down over a red silk blouse, as she sits tightly rope-bound in a wooden chair! Gagged with a white cleave, Holly twists anxiously in her knee- lngth black skirt while awaiting the mysterious man's next move and it's not long in coming; the bare toes that Holly's been balancing delicately on the floor quickly disappear into his mouth and her curvaceous soles also feel the touch of his tongue!

A final change of costume finds Holly lying trussed-up and tape-gagged on her couch in tight jeans and a colorful top; her irresistible feet are framed by thin-wired sandals. And her admirer's certainly not about to resist them -- once the sandals are removed and Holly's naked feet conveniently perched on the couch's arm, he maneuvers his mouth close for another vigorous bout of toe-sucking! 

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