Dangerous Diva Does Hollywood

Release Date: May.25.2012
Running Time: 0:58:30
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Jana Cova, Melissa Jacobs, Kimberly Marvel, Samantha Ryan, Martina Warren

Sexy starlet Jana Cova thought it'd be hip to research her next role with some help from Dangerous Diva! Jana had plenty of time to rethink her decision once she and assistant Melissa Jacobs were naked, bound and gagged, while the Diva helped herself to everything in the house that wasn't nailed down!

Cocky cop Kimberly Marvel thought she could handle Dangerous Diva, but when the moment arrived, the Diva's ropes snared her into naked restraint that left Kimberly powerless to resist those gloved fingers tormenting her bound bare soles!

Two luscious but larcenous blonde models (Samantha Ryan and Martina Warren) and a suitcase full of cash -- how could Dangerous Diva resist a dangerous temptation so full of potential for rewards both financial and recreational?

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