I Got Myself A Bondage Virgin

Release Date: Apr.12.2013
Running Time: 0:53:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Zadyn Gordon, Brooklyn Chase, Ashley Rose, Susan Ray, Alana Rains, Barbie Edwards, Chloe Lynn,

 Bewildered exotic beauty Zadyn Gordon lies trussed in bra and panties on a couch as wild-child Brooklyn Chase welcomes her to the neighborhood in a most unorthodox fashion! Ignoring tape-gagged Zadyn's muffled protests, Brooklyn bares and fondles her breasts, then props her victim's naked feet on her lap for a brief ticklefest before leaving Zadyn to struggle alone!

Spreadeagled on a bed, Ashley Rose gets intimately acquainted with a buzzing plastic pal roped tight to her naked pussy! With her hands and feet immobilized, Ashley's powerless to prevent her clit from being teased, which causes the buxom blonde to moan mightily behind a severe black tape gag!

Deprived of their clothing and freedom, housemates Susan Ray and Alana Rains while away the time in vigorous undulations against the ropework pinning them to chairs so close together that their knees touch! Although their hands are bound before them, they've been tethered so effectively to the chairs that their tape-gags can't be reached by groping fingers; despite their best efforts to displace the tape with face-to-face scraping, Susan and Alana remain vocally challenged!

When Chloe Lynn proved reluctant to display the soles of her stockinged feet, she was disciplined by having her hands roped under her knees and a cleave-gag thrust in her mouth! Chloe's continued defiance was punished by raising her legs and suspending them, thus achieving maximum exposure of stockinged soles and naked pussy!

It was already a frightening experience for cuddly blonde housewife Barbie Edwards: Roped to a chair, her mouth stuffed and secured with a black cloth by a seemingly harmless saleswoman, Barbie was understandably anxious! But the humiliation that followed when she was briefly released from her bondage came as an even greater shock! Intimidated by the intruder, barefoot Barbie slipped out of her dress, then squirmed in bra and panties on the hardwood floor after she was retied!

Zadyn Gordon took her time planning revenge against Brooklyn Chase, so when payback arrived she collected plenty of interest from the girl who had acted so tough! Brooklyn's dominance melted away as she stood bound, ball- gagged and barefoot while Zadyn forcefully groped her breasts and spanked her beckoning bare bottom! Once Zadyn was satisfied that her message had been received, she roped the whimpering Brooklyn to a chair and taunted her before departing! 


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