Bound, Gagged And Helpless MIB's

Release Date: Apr.11.2013
Running Time: 0:48:24
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Harvey, Sophie Nova, KB, Ashley Rose, Damian, Georgia Jones, Talon, Kyle, Sarah, Priscilla Mian, Jake, Lena Shelby, Aaron, Carissa Montgomery

 Sizzling with anger, Sophie Nova imagines her manly man tied up on the floor, where she gags him with a sponge. After slipping off her pumps and rubbing her bare feet on Harvey's body and face, Sophie crowns her emasculation of her hubby by tying her apron around his waist!

KB makes a huge mistake by breaking into Ashley Rose's home! When Amazonian Ashley catches KB in the midst of the attempted burglary, she overpowers and binds him, then inflicts nasty nipple torture while her captive whines and begs to be released! After gagging KB with his own bandanna, she tosses him on the floor and digs her spiked heels into him while he howls! KB's suffering diminishes when Ashley slips off her heels and dominates him with her bare feet, but he doesn't seem to appreciate the punitive blonde's size-11 soles parked on his face!

After her father leaves for a weekend trip Georgia Jones finds a way to deal with her pesky brother Damian by tying him up and ball-gagging his mouth!

Talon was in a daze. Was he dreaming? A sweet scent filled the air, but no matter how hard he tried, Talon couldn't get his eyes to open to see what was going on. Everything was dark and he heard a soft spoken female voice talking (Priscilla Milan). Also his wrists were tied behind his back. Slowly it came to him, he wasn't having a weird dream! Talon had been nabbed!

Kyle could hear Sarah laughing from a mile away. He dropped his head low in humiliation. Sarah ran over to her bound friend with a wide grin on her face and no intent to set him loose. Instead, she continued to laugh at Kyle's plight and chastised him for not being careful. Sarah had warned him a million times about how dangerous the park was. Kyle even made fun of her when she offered him a can of pepper spray, but it looks like he should have listened afterall!

One of Lena Shelby's pet peeves while on a date is when her date looks at other woman. Men think they're so slick, but a woman can always tell if his eyes have roamed the room! It doesn't happen to often, but every now and then, there's a loser that just doesn't find Lena enough! One of those losers is Jake, so Lena found a way to finally keep Jake's attention all to herself!

Well-known painist, Aaron is taking a break at his home when Carissa Montgomery surprises and grabs him. He's bound and gagged to a chair and made to face the camera for a video in which Carissa demands a ransom! 


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That Carissa Montgomery will be forever in me SPANK-BANK!!!!!