Sexy Squirming Squealers

Release Date: Apr.24.2014
Running Time: 0:43:4
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Lyla Storm, Erika Jordan, Samantha Rone, Sophia Knight, Emily Kae, Delilah Davis, Sierra Nevada

Once she has ultra-ticklish Lyla Storm spreadeagled on a bed, Erika Jordan shows her squealing subject no mercy as she straddles Lyla and allows her fingers to run wild!

Is it possible the pantyhose clinging to Samantha Rone's legs and feet actually magnify the impact of tickling on the pink flesh underneath? Samantha might give her opinion if she weren't so busy making high- pitched noises that convey a substantial degree of nerve-tingling dismay!

Sophia Knight's tied topless to a chair with her legs raised and secured so that her soft pink soles can be sequentially tickled by three separate pairs of energetic hands!

Her wrists tied separately to her ankles, nude tickle-pawn Emily Kae rolls around desperately on the carpet but can't escape the giggle-producing finger-dance on her feet and torso!

Delilah Davis finds herself in an extremely vulnerable position for a ticklish girl: Naked Delilah's tied facedown on a lounge with her legs tethered so that her foot-bottoms seem to be begging for fingernail attention!

Stretched out naked on a platform, slender blonde Sierra Nevada wriggles and shrieks as her sensitive soles, ribs and armpits receive ruthless stimulation!

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