Innocent Starlets Wrapped Up Tight

Release Date: Apr.12.2013
Running Time: 0:50:11
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Alexis Adams, Megan Salinas, Ashley Rose, Cassie Laine, Alana Rains, Zadyn Gordon, Bailey Blue

 Megan Salinas prefers her girlfriends subdued and silenced, as Alexis Adams discovered when she was transformed into an appealing package of plastic criss-crossed by swathes of white tape, topped off by several strips sealing her lips! Aroused by the sight of Alexis immobilized on the bed, Megan took advantage by tickling her toy's soft bare feet and straddling her for more up close and personal attention!

Ashley Rose is a tall, buxom blonde so it took plenty of red plastic and silver duct tape to get her under control! Even after Ashley was fully wrapped, she continued to challenge her new garment with exuberant energy. Finally, as Ashley gyrated on the bed, her powerful writhings came to an explosive conclusion!

It was probably unnecessary to wrap tiny Cassie Laine so stringently, but why take chances? After Cassie's naked little body was sealed in red plastic, she was placed on a wooden bench and pinned down with another layer of plastic, followed by circles of ominous black tape; Cassie's mouth was also taped in black. Movement was almost impossible for Cassie but her expressive eyes and whimpering conveyed her desire for release!

Fun-loving and vivacious, Alana Rains turned her time in plastic and tape into a high- spirited frolic. As she leaned against a wall, red-haired Alana rose on tiptoe and twisted against the windings of red tape securing her; after going horizontal, Alana continued to undulate on the floor!

Zadyn Gordon's lithe exotic beauty attracts the attention of a delusional Egyptophile who believes she's the reincarnation of an ancient princess! And in his twisted mind, what could be more appropriate costuming for a Pharaoh's daughter than mummification? Zadyn, of course, strenuously objects to the concept, but since she's silenced and sealed with duct tape that even covers her feet, she's pretty much limited to muffled squeals!

As Bailey Blue's luscious naked body was cloaked first in plastic wrap, then spirals of duct tape, and finally windings of red tape between the silver, Bailey remained puzzled by her plight, though she did convey a modest desire to be liberated from her cocoon! Several strips of tape put an end to her dissent, though Bailey did her best to burst the wrappings she found so annoying -- with predictably insignificant results! 


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