Holly And Ryan: Whistleblowers In Bondage

Release Date: Sep.05.2016
Running Time: 0:49:21
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Ryan Ryans

Holly Manning and Ryan Ryans rented a house off the beaten path so they could complete their article exposing a fraudulent financier. But just as they were finishing their project, the two beautiful whistleblowers were surprised by a lawless couple on the run who decided to use the house as a hideout! Bound hand and foot, their lips spread by knotted black gags, Holly and Manning at first sat in stunned submission on a couch, but when the intruders ignored them, the courageous pair rolled onto the floor where they struggled energetically against their bonds! Curvaceous blonde Ryan, her tight black dress riding up her thighs and sandaled bare feet arching, strove with special intensity to free Holly and herself!

Their attempts to escape were unavailing and when they were discovered writhing on the floor, the friends were separated. Gagged with duct tape and mouth-stuffing, the tightly trussed Holly sat barefoot in a wooden chair, where she quickly learned that she'd have no chance to loosen the ropes coiled around her tight white blouse. But resourceful Holly also noticed her proximity to the front door, so she quietly rose to her feet, hopped across the wood-floored entrance area and grasped the door-knob! Its rattle, however, brought immediate attention to Holly's maneuver and she was ordered back to the chair, to which she was pinned by taut coils criss-crossing her black skirt! 

Meanwhile, busty Ryan had caught the attention of the female felon, who made sure that the unfortunate girl was stripped to her bra and panties before she was bound, her mouth stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape, then seated on a red leather sofa! Tethered to one of the sofa's legs, Ryan twisted nervously under her kinky admirer's eyes, but her contortions only served to excite the bad girl, who then bared her breasts! The ruthless woman's domination reached its peak with Ryan rolled onto her side, bare feet drawn close to her bottom by a tether linking her ankles to the ropes around her chest!

Reunited in bondage, Holly and Ryan sat back-to-back on a kitchen counter, their harrowing situation emphasized by the black rope coiled around their bodies and the wide strips of black cloth tied over their mouths! Because there was more to worry about than two shady characters hiding from the law -- with time on his hands, the slippery crook dug into Holly's laptop and discovered that she was targeting a bigtime con-man! So he reached out to the scammer and offered his services in assuring that the potentially damaging information never reached the public! Ryan and Holly's apprehension grew as the cold-hearted man took photos of their plight to prove that they were in his clutches; clad only in her skimpy panties, voluptuous Ryan appeared especially vulnerable while Holly, in a sleeveless top and short shorts, tried her best to comfort the innocent girl by murmuring through her gag! 

It was time for the heartless fugitives to cash in on their lottery win, so while they awaited their payoff from their crooked benefactor, Ryan and Holly were relocated to a bedroom, where they sat next to each other on the bed. Eyes wide abbove their duct-tape gags, they twisted uncomfortably in bondage that extended to the toe- ties pinning their bare feet together and listened anxiously to the troubling scheme taking shape around them! The hearts of the unlucky pair beat faster after they were turned on their sides and their legs folded by ankle tethers; Holly and Ryan whimpered in disbelief when the sneering man cheerfully informed them that he and his partner would be leaving soon because an operative of the fraudster was on his way! The outlook was bleak for these two honest women -- but there was a wild card in the pack that could mitigate Ryan and Holly's misfortunes! 

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