Secretaries In Danger

Release Date: May.31.2013
Running Time: 0:54:27
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chloe Amour, Ashley Rose, Bailey Blue, Megan Salinas, Carissa Montgomery, Bree Daniels, Veronica Radke, Elle Alexandra, Rikki Six, Randy Moore

Threatened with a crushing tax audit, wacky starlet Ashley Rose takes astonished agent Chloe Amour captive! Once Chloe's solidly roped up in her neat black pinstriped suit and gagged with a black cleave, Ashley stands her in a corner, then vents her anger by spanking the wriggling victim! After removing Chloe's shoes, Ashley seats her on the floor in tethered immobility; while Ashley plans her next move, the panicky young woman writhes against unyielding bondage!

Hard-partying Bailey Blue pays the price for her life-style when new friends turn treacherous! Lying tied up and tape-gagged in the corner of her bedroom, Bailey can't warn housemate Megan Salinas of the danger when she returns home; within moments, Megan's twisting in ropes next to her friend! Left tethered on their hips, the bound and gagged prisoners make a contrasting couple: Bailey's barefoot in short-sleeved blouse and leather mini-skirt while Megan's soberly clad in a brown jacket, knee-length skirt and black pantyhose!

A grotesquely-masked thief makes life miserable for busty businesswoman Carissa Montgomery after seizing and binding her when she returns home! Colorfully clad in a red silk blouse, black skirt and red pumps, Carissa squirms along the wooden floor as she attempts to reach the door and somehow escape! When her annoyed captor catches Carissa, he terminates the potential for future shenanigans by folding her legs in a tether; just for fun, he exposes her awe-inspiring bosom and removes the gleaming shoes from her stockinged feet! Now thoroughly restrained, Carissa moans behind a cleave-gag and squirms in frustration!

Bree Daniels and Veronica Radke are shocked when they discover evidence that housemate Elle Alexandra's a jewel thief! The shock's compounded when Elle reveals her predatory personality by tying the innocent girls back-to-back on a small wooden chest, taping their mouths, then taking advantage of their helpless plight! After teasing their bared breasts and taking their shoes as trophies, Elle departs with her loot while Bree and Veronica squeal for assistance!

Bound, blonde and beautiful, Rikki Sixx endures nerve-wracking captivity when she's held hostage in a grungy garage! Multiple strands of white rope pin Rikki to a square wooden post and a taut white cloth covers her mouth; Rikki's eyes pop above the gag as she energetically battles her bondage! But she's completely at the mercy of her captors, a fact harshly proved when her modest jacket and top are yanked open to bare her impressive orbs and her skirt's pulled up to reveal frilly stockinged tops!

Combining humiliation with larceny, a burglar stuffs cloth into bound boss-lady Randy Moore's mouth and secures it with an over-mouth gag while Randy sits unhappily in a window seat, her high-heeled feet balanced on an empty safe! Snugly secured bonds combine with Randy's jacket, blouse and miniskirt to create a compelling image of the sexy exec in restraint; eyes wide above the broad black gag, our heroine amps up the excitement with her alluring undulations! Resourceful Randy slips off her shoes and begins to hop away, but she's swiftly apprehended and spends the rest of the day struggling on her side in the window seat, her wrists and ankles rope- linked!

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