Tight Ropes Bind Bare Bodies

Release Date: Jun.13.2014
Running Time: 0:52:29
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Anissa Kate, Chloe Amour, Layla Sin, Kristie Snow, Chanel Rae, Allie James, Indica James, Jasmine Caro

 Two sizzling brunettes face off and one of them ends up naked, bound and gagged when fugitive Chloe Amour helps herself to Anissa Kate's dress! Chloe takes a break from her time on the run by fondling Anissa's amazing breasts as she stands roped and defenseless, then tickling her bare soles while the exotic stunner squirms on the floor and gasps through her cleave-gag!

Tied hand and foot, gagged with duct tape and clad in nothing but denim shorts, Layla Sin and Kristi Snow work their pretty butts off bumping down a wooden staircase in their bid for freedom. So it's especially disheartening for Layla and Kristi when they're thwarted just short of the door, then kneel naked on a couch in humiliating proximity, the nipples of their bound breasts inches apart!

A long-legged, naked and enticing blonde lies back on her bed but Chanel Rae's not relaxing and she's not alone! Spreadeagled and tape-gagged, Chanel moans and tugs at the ropes connecting her wrists and ankles to the bed's four corners; her moans become more urgent as a woman's hand appears and ties a vibrator to Chanel's invitingly exposed pussy -- a happy ending after all?

Allie James shivers as she stands in the corner of her bedroom, her lithe, pink- skinned body entwined with rope that suppresses her mobility. One precisely located rope also nestles snugly between Allie's legs, accentuating nudity that's relieved only by the horn-rimmed glasses balanced on her nose! Ball-gagged Allie doesn't have to stand for long, but the restriction only increases when she's tethered on the floor.

The hazards of working late have rarely been demonstrated more starkly than when Indica James encounters an overly enthusiastic office admirer. Deprived of her shoes and clothing, the nude Indica sits bound to a chair with a black cloth covering her mouth as the obsessed intruder states his case. A ropework alteration emphasizes the trembling secretary's subjugation by pinning her ankles separately to the chair legs for embarrassing pussy exposure!

Trapped in a bondage embrace, spicy nude Jasmine Caro kneels crotch-roped and tape-gagged on her bed! Jasmine's rope-framed breasts highlight her struggles until her sculpted bare soles rise to prominence after she's hogtied. 

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