Amarna Miller: Ultimate Tickle Target

Release Date: Jan.25.2016
Running Time: 0:26:28
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Amarna Miller

Eric Holman here; in thirty years of fetish work and play, I've never encountered anyone more ticklish than Amarna Miller! I'm no tickle expert, but when Amarna's ultra-sensitive naked body's in restraint, expertise is unnecessary. Treat yourself to the Amarna experience during three examples of this very appealing young lady's response to the laying-on of hands! 

Amarna squealed through her classic wooden-stocks ordeal! Feathers look great but often don't make an impact on the moderately ticklish; not a problem with our naked little redhead, who immediately started giggling! The noise only increased when the feather gave way to ten-finger tantalizing from pits to soles, a strategy that elicited high-pitched pleas for mercy! 

Speadeagled wide on a bed and tape-gagged, Amarna writhed in suspense and hoped for a rescuer. Instead it's that hooded villain who appeared, removed her gag, and once again tested the limits of her ticklishness! Amarna twisted desperately and wailed dramatically, but she was pinned to the bed, so her foot-bottoms, ribs and armpits were ripe for the tickling!

Amarna received an introduction to hi-tech tickling when an electronic toothbrush replaced old-fashioned fingernails! Formidably duct-taped to a massage table, the luscious red-haired bundle of sensitive nerve-endings gasped in surprise as the buzzing brush contacted her naked soles; the decibel level increased when it was inserted between her toes! And as it worked its way up Amarna's legs and stomach to her armpits -- well, you may never have heard sounds quite like those that emerged from her lush red lips! 

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