Barefoot Damsels In Tape Gagged Distress

Release Date: Jan.25.2016
Running Time: 0:45:52
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Alex Lynx, Blake Eden, Summer Day, Jenna Ivory, Brooke Lynn Santos, Shyla Jennings, Brooke Morgan

Gagged and blindfolded with strips of white cloth, Alix Lynx writhes facedown on a futon, her bound ankles tethered to its metal frame! Alix is temporarily optimistic when she's untied, but understandably worried after she's required to remove her little black dress and heeled sandals. Naked now, the busty little blonde lies stretched out on her back; Alix's wrists are tethered above her head and her ankles at the opposite end of the futon. Eyes wide above the tape that now seals her lips, Alix tugs vigorously against the ropework confining her limbs until her legs are lifted by a long coil that connects her ankles next to the wrist tether. Alix is uncomfortably aware that the new position offers a superb view of her bare soles and pussy! 

Off with her dress, then a shocked Blake Eden is trussed up in her bright red bra and panties, gagged with duct-tape and seated at the bottom of a stairway! Blake's not alone for long because best friend Summer Day soon surrenders her dress to a predatory intruder, then stands barefoot, tape-gagged and bound to the stair-railing in her pink lingerie! Although her mobility's limited by a tether, imaginative Blake reaches out to Summer's wrist ropes with her bare toes; when her initiative is noticed, the slender blonde's legs receive an additional hobble! After this unwelcome visitor bares their breasts, Summer and Blake murmur to each other as they strain against unyielding rope webs!

Blonde, buxom and bound -- that pretty much sums up Jenna Ivory's situation as she sits elaborately roped to a chair in her maroon minidress. The reasons for Jenna's plight is immediately obvious -- an empty safe and a bagful of cash! Jenna's also gagged with tape that prevents her from voicing anything more than mumbled indignation when the thief flaunts his loot inches from her face. A tenacious but unsuccessful struggler, Jenna merely manages to wriggle her bare feet free from her heels!

You have to sympathize with Brooke Lynn Santos, a pretty young lady stripped to her bra and panties, pinned to a chair with rope and blindfolded. When she's questioned by a harsh voice, it's obvious that Brooke's in way over her head; the bewildered innocent's tape-gagged after she answers unsatisfactorily! Left alone to struggle, Brooke casts off the blindfold, but the ropework's another story; breasts exposed, she gazes wide-eyed around her and tries to understand why she's become the subject of this baffling inquisition!

You wouldn't think there'd be much difficulty finding someone to rescue two such adorable heroines in jeopardy as Brooke Morgan and Shyla Jennings, but so far they're still in bondage! Naked, tape-gagged and securely tied, petite Shyla and her curvaceous gal-pal Brooke squirm and whimper as they huddle together on the floor! Long brown hair flows over both damsel's bare breasts and Shyla arches her tiny bare feet while they curl up back to back and hope that their ordeal will soon come to an end! 

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