Grab and Bind: Annmarie Rios And Teresa Tabor

Release Date: May.27.2011
Running Time: 0:42:23
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Annmarie Rios, Teresa Tabor


Truth is an elusive concept and determining it beyond question a frustrating exercise. For example. when two friends each tell you stories that they swear are true but that directly contradict each other, how do you decide which one to trust -- or are they both lying? I know that both Annmarie Rios and Teresa Tabor are kinky girls who've cultivated something of a love-hate relationship with each other. So when Annmarie boasted to me that she'd managed to surprise Teresa in her bedroom and tie her up, I was willing to believe her. Her voice quivering with excitement, Annmarie went on to tell me that she taped Teresa's mouth, then pulled down her top and played with her breasts! Once she'd had enough fun for the time being, Annmarie said she hogtied poor Teresa and watched her squirm on the bed for awhile! > > A pretty amazing story -- but Annmarie was just getting started! She took the tape off Teresa's mouth and unhooked her from the hogtie, but made her kneel on the floor next to the bed with her hands still tied behind her. Then Annmarie lay back on the bed and made Teresa to suck her toes and lick her soles! Finally, she made Teresa strip completely naked and tied her up really tight, stuck a ballgag in her mouth, crotchroped her and played with her while Teresa whimpered and drooled! Annmarie made it sound like the best day of her life and I have to admit to getting a thrill at the thought of curvy little Teresa squirming nude and helpless while Annemarie fondled her!


And those images of Teresa were still glowing in my mind when I ran into the lady herself. I was about to discreetly ask her about Annemarie when she anticipated my question and burst out with her version of the encounter with Miss Rios. According to Teresa, she was the one who grabbed Annemarie and tied her up! It was Annmarie wriggling hogtied on the bed, not Teresa, and it was Annmarie worshipping Teresa's feet, not the way I first heard it! And it was Annmarie, tightly bound with black rope -- including one between her pussy lips -- and gagged with cloth, who was Teresa's naked toy! By the time she was finished with her version, Teresa's face was flushed and her eyes were shining; I'll admit that my heart rate was probably somewhat elevated as well.


So I'm faced with a dilemma: Who should I believe? Who's telling the truth and who's lying? Or should I just be grateful for the gift of two hot little movies that will be playing in my mind for a long time to come?


And now the long-awaited conclusion of Grab and Bind: Alexis Taylor! After the tape gagged and bare breasted Alexis struggles on the floor in an ingenious bondage that links her thumbs to her big toes, our heroine is prepared for her delivery to the client who "ordered" her! Hands bound behind her and toes hobbled, Alexis stands meekly as red lips are drawn onto her white tape gag, then her voluptuous body is hidden under a trenchcoat before she's led away to her destiny! 


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