Babes In Body Wrap

Release Date: Jul.20.2012
Running Time: 0:47:46
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Carissa Montgomery, Randy Moore, Riley Reid, Georgia Jones, Aaliyah Love

Voluptuous blonde Carissa Montgomery thrashes dynamically in a wrapping concocted of clear plastic conformed to her curves and alternating strips of white and silver tape that confirm her captivity! White tape also seals Carissa's lips but her appealing bare feet remain uncovered, as do her formidable naked breasts!

Randy Moore's lithe and long-legged frame contends unsuccessfully against plastic and duct tape that wraps her into submission on the "tongue chair!" Silver tape also surrounds Randy's bare feet but her gag consists of mouth-stuffing held in place by strips of clear plastic that permit a fine view of her quivering red lips!

Anyone in the market for a Riley Reid-duct-tape-and-plastic ball? We think she's priceless but first you'd have to pry her away from Loren Chance, who's relishing this opportunity to play with her squirming toy! Loren gets most of her kicks by inserting her fingers wherever she can find a fissure to torment the ticklish Riley!

Crazed quackery claims another victim when wide-eyed Georgia Jones endures a "relaxation technique" that requires her naked body to be wrapped in a plastic-and-duct tape cocoon while she sits in a chair with her legs stretched out on a wooden table! Also gagged with duct tape, Georgia responds with energetic expressiveness to her bizarre predicament!

Aaliyah Love brings plenty of charisma to her role of a wrapped-up blonde nude, especially when she flops around on her bed like a sexy little fish!

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