Grab and Bind: Aiden Ashley

Release Date: May.27.2011
Running Time: 0:49:16
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Aiden Ashley


It all went so smoothly at first. His name was Edward Ashley, a rich hypochondriac who moaned about all his aches and pains 24/7. The Doc and I moved in with him, the Doc bamboozling him with all his scientific jargon about pain relief and painlessly extracting large quantities of the sucker's trust-fund cash!


Then his niece stuck her pretty little nose into our scam! Her name was Aiden and she just showed up at the house one day, demanding to see her uncle and trying to push me out of the way! But the Doc and I were ready; no way were we going to let Aiden cause trouble by confusing her uncle with information about us dug up by a PI! So when the Doc heard the commotion at the front door, he tossed me some rope and, while he taped the girl's mouth, I tied up the little bitch! We left her squirming around in the corner while the Doc and I got back to our whining patient!


If only the Doc had been a simple con man, we could have been home free! But even though he was happy to take as much money as he could from a mark, he actually believed in some of his wacko medical theories. So instead of just hiding little Aiden until we could get one last big payday from Edward, the Doc's eyes lit up sort of crazy and he claimed that he could make some kind of pain elixir by extracting Aiden's vital essence!


So that's how she wound up roped to a wheelchair! After I made her undress and put on a patient gown, I tied her down and re-taped her mouth so that she couldn't yell and get her dimwit uncle involved. Aiden squirmed around angrily until the Doc brought in a hypodermic full of an odd concoction -- then she settled down real fast!


After that, the Doc was totally obsessed with his "research" for the elixir and I was kind of along for the ride. To keep Aiden away from her uncle, we stuck her in one of the many bedrooms in the sprawling mansion. I tied her to a skinny metal bedpost and gagged her with a cloth. She looked so small and frightened as she stood there naked and helpless that I felt a little bit sorry for her when the Doc started to do more testing on her!


He continued the testing after he had me remove Aiden from the post, then re-tie her on the edge of a bathtub with her legs open and a ball-gag in her mouth (the Doc has a kinky side)! He had me test her for responsiveness to a range of stimuli culminating in hot and cold packs, then told me to ready Aiden for the final extraction! Once that was done, he'd prepare the elixir to negate Edward's pain.


I was worried that the Doc was acting unbalanced but he was hard to resist. So I bound the terrified Aiden on her stomach so that she was barely able to move and tightened another ball in her mouth! She writhed pathetically, drooled and squealed as the Doc approached with a syringe! The Doc was about to make the extraction when everything went crazy! All of a sudden, Edward was there, yelling that he'd been abandoned, then looking shocked at the sight of his niece lying there naked and trussed up! Suddenly, the Doc lunged at him with the syringe, Edward flailed at him with his arms, and the last thing I saw was the Doc lying on the floor with the needle in his chest while Edward bent over Aiden to release her! Then I ran like hell and I'm still running! No more medical scams for me!  


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