Grab and Bind: Syren Sexton

Release Date: May.27.2011
Running Time: 0:45:32
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Syren Sexton


Sexy songstress Syren kicks her manager-boyfriend to the curb, but the discarded partner strikes back with bondage!


Dazzling in a tight pink dress and silver pumps, Syren tries out her newest song; when her guy arrives and praises her artistry, Syren calmly informs him that their relationship is over! The devastated man begs her to reconsider, but Syren's adamant that it's time for both to move on. Pushed too far, the ex snaps, grabs Syren, ties up the struggling girl, then stuffs and tapes her mouth! Shocked by her former lover's rage, Syren squirms on a couch while he rants!


Syren's bondage turns perilous when she kneels unsteadily on a stool where she's been roped and whimpers through a strip of black cloth tied between her lips! While Syren sways, the vengeful lover bares her breasts and feet, before promising that her ordeal will become even more humiliating!


His promise comes true as a naked Syren lies roped on her back, legs spread and hands secured in front of her! While the cleave-gagged beauty seethes, her once and future man vigorously kneads her defenseless boobs!


Next it's Syren's naked feet that become the focus of her tormentor's angry lust! Nude, tape-gagged and rigorously- roped, the buxom blonde sits on her bed, ankles secured to the bed-frame so that her wiggling toes and smooth soles are easy prey for a ravenous mouth! Despite Syren's precarious position -- or because of it -- her gasps of emotion reveal an erotic reponse to her captivity that's surprisingly positive!


Won back to her man by his strategic deployment of bondage and domination, Syren's happily roped to the bedroom door, where he leaves her to creatively meditate while playfully testing her bonds and singing behind her tape-gag! Once she frees herself from the door, Syren wriggles among the ropes, then crawls across the floor to the bed, where the inspired performer begins to write a new song! 


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