Grab and Bind: Alexis Taylor

Release Date: May.27.2011
Running Time: 0:42:10
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Alexis Taylor


The life of a white slaver isn't all money and glamour -- often it's hard work and improvisation when the entrepreneur is confronted with unexpected developments!


Resourceful Lorelei had promised to deliver a beautiful and submissive "product" to an ultrawealthy client, but is surprised when the boxed beauty arrives a week early! So Lorelei decides to fill the time before she's contracted to deliver Alexis Taylor to her new master with rigorous bondage that will prepare Alexis for her new life! First she strips Alexis to her panties, then binds the bosomy captive to a low stool, ball gags her and pulls Alexis' bare feet tightly up under the seat with and excruciating toe tie!


Her first day as a bondage initiate was difficult for Alexis and her second offers little relief! Still topless and ball gagged, Alexis strains pathetically against no fewer than nine strands of taut white cord securing her to a chair; all ten of her rednailed toes wriggle in string enforced restraint!


On her third day in captivity, Lorelei's focus on Alexis' bare feet becomes more intense! After roping Alexis to an arm chair and stuffing and taping her mouth, the dominant businesswoman secures a vibrator between the squirming captive's arches, then subjects her feet to a foretaste of things to come!


After the tape gagged and bare breasted Alexis struggles on the floor in an ingenious bondage that links her thumbs to her big toes, our heroine is prepared for her delivery to the client who "ordered" her! Hands bound behind her and toes hobbled, Alexis stands meekly as red lips are drawn onto her white tape gag, then her voluptuous body is hidden under a trenchcoat before she's led away to her destiny! 


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