Captured Costumed Cuties

Release Date: Aug.24.2015
Running Time: 0:50:39
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Cherie DeVille, Holly Manning, Kylie Sinner, Keira Nicole, Karter Foxx, Alexa Grace

Her shining lavender minidress, fishnets and heels reveal that Tomi Taylor's no ordinary chambermaid! Her situation's extraordinary as well: Tied hand and foot, mouthing a ball-gag, Tomi sits on an empty safe! Tomi hopes that rescue's at hand when colleague Cherie Deville discovers her, but Cherie quickly succumbs to rope and ball, then takes her seat on the floor next to Tomi. A blue ball- gag contrasting with her bright red costume, Cherie's a striking sight, but she's also determined to escape her bondage with Tomi's help. So the tall brunette kicks off her shoes and plucks at Cherie's bonds with her stockinged toes; sadly for the struggling maids, they're caught by the thieves and their rope-framed breasts are bared! Hard-working women like Tomi and Cherie never give up, so they're still rolling around on the floor long after the looters have vanished. 

Dr. Holly Manning is a physician with integrity so when she discovers that a colleague is raking in the cash by illegally selling drugs, she knows it's her duty to report him. But the desperate man refuses to go quietly; instead he binds the good doctor in her scrubs and gags her with medical wrap! Deprived of her shoes, barefoot Holly balances on the edge of her desk until another dose of rope folds her legs closer to her torso and duct tape augments her gag!

Her flowing dark hair frames a beautiful but angry face -- sorceress Kylie Sinner is unused to standing powerless in rope restraint! Kylie's spells prove useless as well, and when she continues to spew them, a ball-gag spreads her lush lips! Barefoot, occasionally on tiptoe, Kylie twists furiously in bondage supported by an overhead tether, but her mystical humiliation reaches its nadir when she's levitated onto a chair! Drooling and whimpering, Kylie kneels in utter subjugation, her naked soles arching pathetically far above the floor! 

No wonder they're the most sought-after harem pair around -- dark-haired sprite Karter Foxx and her bold blonde companion Keira Nicole undulate together with stunning sensuality! But when they fall into the clutches of a perverse and ruthless client, Karter and Keira must dance with their wrists and arms bound, while knotted black cleaves quiet their protests! And they won't be leaving anytime soon, because they're seated side-by-side on the floor with ankles tied to prevent any premature exit. When the bound and gagged harem girls refuse to meekly accept their plight, the hard- hearted client fashions a pair of hogties that leave Keira and Karter arching barefoot on their stomachs!

Alexa Grace becomes the poster-girl for Cat Burglar Discipline when the tall, blonde feline is tied standing to the bondage horse's wooden post! Gagged with microfoam tape, the masked bad girl writhes in frustration but her punishment is just beginning. It continues after she's hoisted onto the horse, her hands bound behind the post and those long legs tied down; before long, Alexa loses her mask and heels, while strips of black tape darken her gag! Sexy Alexa's defiance dissolves as she squirms barefoot and bare-breasted, her sad eyes expressing the desire to find a new line of work. 

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