Wriggling Wrapped Up Girls

Release Date: Aug.10.2012
Running Time: 0:43:49
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Layla Rose, Emily Addison, Angel Dark, Shazia Sahari

Luscious Aiden Ashley wriggles hopelessly in four layers of confinement: first in plastic, next in a bedsheet, then in duct tape spirals tightening the sheet around her body, and finally in long strips of duct tape pinning Aiden to a lounge chair!

What a delectable morsel is Layla Rose, who's inescapably wrapped in plastic and swathes of black tape! Layla's also gagged with black tape, of course, and her amazing breasts are left exposed to the touch, whether the little prisoner's standing or displayed on the kitchen island!

After she berates her man for being useless as a mummy, Emily Addison's sharp tongue earns her a ball-gag plus wrappage in plastic and tape that leaves the alluring lady stretched out on the dining table!

White tape and plastic serve to confine and accentuate Angel Dark's magnificent nude body, but the tape-gagged Angel's greatest distress occurs when the plastic is pierced above a sensitive area!

Packaged is the word for Shazia Sahari, who's efficiently cocooned and gagged with masking tape, her movements even more restricted by a tape linkage to the foot of her bed!

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