Naked Restraint!

Release Date: Feb.17.2012
Running Time: 0:38:3
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Zana Swift, Leah Marie, Erica Campbell, Alicia Silver, Paige Richards, Ann Harlow, Raven Richards, Brittany Andrews

Tough gal Zana Swift gets her kicks stripping, binding and gagging cute little secretaries like Leah Marie! So just imagine Zana's humiliation when it's Leah's turn to laugh at her naked struggles! With their hands pulled overhead, nude friends Erica Campbell and Alicia Silver writhe and murmur in a bondage dance!

You'll swear it's 1955 when you see feisty retro girl Paige Richards struggling bound and gagged in nothing but socks! Shiveringly naked, wide-eyed and ball-gagged, tiny Ann Harlow is entirely at the mercy of menacing Raven Richards! Busty adult diva Brittany Andrews bares all in a high-energy, very uneven struggle against a mocking captor! [NOTE: The Brittany Andrews scene originally appeared in FM video FC-118 devoted entirely to her. We wanted to make this excellent vignette accessible to those who missed the original release almost three years ago.

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