Wrapturous Beauties

Release Date: Aug.31.2012
Running Time: 0:41:37
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Roxanna, Dani Daniels, Hana Black, Layden Sin, Jenni Czech, Loren Chance, Star Marlowe, Sophia Sutra

Booted dominant Dani Daniels towers over wrapped and tape-gagged captive Roxanna, who eyes Dani angrily as she woman-handles the smaller girl's exposed breasts! Roxanna's humiliation escalates after Dani throws her onto the bed for more fondling as well as an assault on her bare feet!

Hana Black's voluptuous naked beauty is hidden under the gleaming silver tape that encases wide-eyed and whimpering Hana in its mummifying grasp!

Seductive Layden Sin's transformed into a sweaty, struggling, squealing woman in white by the tape pinning her to a stool and sealing her lips!

Duct tape and plastic wrap turn blonde doll Jenni Czech into a plaything for Loren Chance, who delights in Jenni's indignant tape-gagged moans and futile wriggling!

Sophia Sutra knows how to take advantage of a great opportunity when she sees it: once slender nude victim Star Marlowe's cocooned in spirals of black tape over plastic wrap and stretched out on the floor, Sophia tickles her bare soles, then straddles Star so she can lick and fondle her vulnerable breasts!

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