Ticklish Beautiful Giggle And Wriggle!

Release Date: Aug.22.2014
Running Time: 0:42:47
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Amanda Tate, Summer Brielle, Veronica Rodriguez, Susan Ray, Anissa Kate, Alexa Johnson, Lilly Evans, Vanessa Veracruz

 Who's the most explosive of these seven naked ticklettes? You be the judge!

Summer Brielle thought tickling was a wonderful pastime when she had a trussed- up Amanda Tate writhing under her fingernails; her attitude did a 180 when she lay in bondage next to Amanda on the bed and her pantyhosed soles were receiving the same treatment as her former plaything's foot-bottoms!

Bound hand and foot, spritely nude Veronica Rodriguez understood that there was no escape, so she decided to accept her tickle ordeal with a smile -- actually more of a grimace as the tireless tickler brought her sensitive soles to life and spared plenty of energy for her ribs and armpits!

Lanky lovely Susan Ray rolls around noisily on the yellow lounge as a powerful tickler lights up her nerve endings from soles to armpits!

Spread on a bed, exotic Anissa Kate was hoping for love; instead she received ruthless finger-dancing across the length and breadth of her luscious nude body!

When you're naked, hogtied and ticklish, and a hooded man approaches you, it's fair to assume that he's not there to deliver a pizza! Just ask Alexa Johnson, whose pink flesh quivers under aggressive fingers that spend most of their time on ribs and soles!

You might expect a tickle sub like Vanessa Veracruz to take it easy on tiny Lilly Evans, but now that she's on top, Vanessa works hard to make Lilly squeal; bound on the tongue-chair, Lilly squirms in desperation but can't escape Vanessa's roaming fingers! 

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