I Like To Tie Up Pretty Girls

Release Date: Feb.29.2016
Running Time: 0:46:33
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Leah Gotti, Kenna James, Katy Kiss, Blair Williams, Brooke Lynn Santos, Amarna Miller

Leah Gotti is still walking free even though her hands and arms are rope- restrained and her mouth is covered with tape! But Leah's near-escape is nipped in the bud by the thug responsible for her plight; seated on a wooden chest in her red nighty, the curvy little brunette's ankles are immobilized so that the busy villain can deal with his second prize catch! That's Kenna James, who's tethered next to Leah before long and squirms nervously in her revealing black teddy before co- operating with her friend in futile maneuvers to dislodge their ropework. Breasts exposed to accentuate the unhappy couple's subjugation, Kenna and Leah huddle together as they await the rescue they can't achieve themselves! 

After Katy Kiss finds the bondage DVD that her guy's carelessly left lying around, she issues a challenge to him -- instead of watching girls you don't know struggle in ropes, why not use them to tie me up? His first attempt doesn't go so well, with Katy surrounded by rope that she easily shrugged off; the embarrassed boyfriend suggests that he could do better if Katy's unencumbered by clothing! The adventurous girl plays along by stripping and indeed the ropework embraces her lovely naked body much more efficiently. Katy enjoys the sensations of restraint as she sits writhing playfully on the couch, but she receives a shock when she requests release; she's gagged with microfoam tape instead! First kneeling submissively on the floor, then rolling onto her side, bound and gagged Katy has plenty of time to regret her kinky initiative!

Blair Williams can't believe what's happening to her -- first ordered out of her dress and sandals, then tied to a chair, finally silenced by a shiny red ball! Her voluptuous naked body trapped in rope, Blair resists energetically, but there's one more unpleasant surprise in store that occurs after her ankles are tethered separately to the rear chair-legs. To her consternation, busty Blair's been spread for shameless voyeuristic observation of her most private anatomy!

There's a worried look in her dark brown eyes, but Brooke Lynn Santos can't express her alarm because of the tape sealing her lips! Lying bound on her bed, the slender nude wriggles on her stomach, then rolls onto her side, as she attempts to loosen her wrist and ankle bonds. Brooke remains game even after she's hogtied, arching high off the bed with her toe-tied bare feet rising above her head!

Her dress is loud -- a dazzling scarlet number that barely reaches her thighs -- but amazing Amarna Miller's much quieter after she's tightly bound and treated to a mouthful of cloth covered by a generous selection of white tape! Vibrant Amarna still manages to project sounds of distress while seated on her couch, then writhing on a bright green carpet, but any hopes of escape are emphatically extinguished after she's hogtied! Even then, the barefoot heroine refuses to accept her situation meekly, instead bowing her body to test the ropework's tensile strength to the max! 

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