Please Stop... I'm So Ticklish

Release Date: Jan.31.2013
Running Time: 0:45:27
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Mia Malkova, Charlee Monroe, Britney Young, Lyla Storm, Vanessa Sixxx, Jamie Daniels, Carly Banks

Mia Makova's gorgeous body is a testimonial to the value of exercise, but the Mia doesn't much appreciate the workout she gets when the naked beauty lies defenseless on her mat, wrists bound separately to ankles! Mia's restraint permits comprehensive tickle treatment from head to toe, but it's the image of the blonde prisoner's soles being assaulted as she lies back with her legs spread wide that you won't be able to forget!

Appearances can be deceptive, as cute little Britney Young demonstrates when she tickle-torments naked and hogtied Charlee Monroe! Britney enjoys the anguished squeals she elicits from Charlee by working over her soles and body with her active fingers; she even goes outside the box to tickle Charlee with her toes!

Vivacious Lyla Storm was kind enough to arrive at our shoot with intricately lacquered green toe-nails so we naturally showed our gratitude by hogtying the exotic nude! Writhing around on a small platform that barely contained her, Lyla reacted with explosive wailing to enthusiastic tickling that ranged over her body, but the fingering of her toe-tied soles induced especially dynamic contortions!

Bound hand and foot, ultra-ticklish nude Vanessa Sixxx is defenseless against the vigorous tantalizing of her small body and toe -tied bare soles! With every outrageous simulation of her sensitive nerve- endings, Vanessa reacts with loud giggling and tormented expressions!

"Sit right down in the stocks, Jamie Daniels, and I'll lock down those appealing size-6 bare feet of yours! What am I doing to your big toes? That's called a toe-tie, Jamie; if you're comfortably settled in with your wrists in the cuffs, let's get started! Wow, for such a petite young lady, you sure do laugh loud -- let's see how you react when those soft soles get acquainted with a tooth- brush! Now, don't panic, this will be over...soon!"

Ultra ticklish blonde Carly Banks is tied down to a bed with her arms cuffed up to the head board which gives her tickler plenty of targets - sensitive underarms, ribs and soft bare feet!

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