She's Bound To Remember

Release Date: Mar.30.2012
Running Time: 0:47:14
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jana Cova, Hannah Thurman, Candace McLain, MacKenzie Montgomery, Chanel Stevens, Barbi Bentley, Roxanne Chadwick, Candace McLain, Hannah Thurman

Memories can be unreliable, as Hannah Thurman and Candace McLain demonstrate in an unusual pair of contrasted scenes. First Candace, then Hannah recall the details of the bondage they experienced when surprised by burglars one night; as you'll see, they remember two very different events!

Four other beautiful captives undergo more straightforward cases of roped restraint. Mackenzie Montgomery plays a spoiled starlet left in bondage by a frustrated director, Chanel Stevens is a conscientious employee trussed up by her sinister boss, Barbie Bentley makes a sexy hostage grabbed by Roxanne Chadwick and Jana Cova emotes as a sweet innocent bound and gagged in the safety of her own home!

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