We All Scream For Tickling

Release Date: May.09.2013
Running Time: 0:43:21
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Summer Brielle, Bailey Blue, Susan Ray, Alana Rains, Lilly Evans, Linda Lay, Natalie Heart, Stacie Jaxxx, Carissa Montgomery

As a girl with sensitive nerve endings of her own, Bailey Blue knows exactly where to place her fingers to elicit maximum anguish. Just ask Summer Brielle, whose nude flesh from chin to arch quivers under Bailey's expert tickling as she rolls about on a bed in desperate efforts to escape the madness!

What a mismatch: as Susan Ray lies naked on the floor, sultry Alana Rains pins down her bound hands and tickles squealing Susan's sensitive flesh! But there's worse to come when Alana gains a male partner who alternates with the naughty redhead in agonizing the miserable captive's tender foot-bottoms!

Standing with her hands tied above her head and nude except for her pantyhose, perky Lilly Evans has no defense against vigorous finger exercises up and down her rib cage and into her underarms! Later, when Lilly's seated with her legs suspended, she discovers that a thin layer of fabric can't protect her ticklish soles, though her methodical tormentor later elicits even louder squealing after ripping the pantyhose and subjecting Lilly's bare foot-bottoms to the pleasures of the electric toothbrush!

Once her cute naked girlfriend Linda Lay's tied hand and foot, Natalie Heart cradles her gently -- then ruthlessly tickles Linda up and down her torso! After Natalie's created enough mayhem on her captive's ribs and tummy, she tips Linda onto her back and digs wicked fingernails into her soft soles until her victim howls!

OK, so there's no possible ethical justification for tickling a helpless tied-up girl like Stacie Jaxxx. But, come on, Stacie's so hot, so naked and so ticklish; she bounces around so animatedly trying to escape the fingers tormenting her and giggles so musically in response to the poking and prodding that it's impossible to resist the temptation to tickle!

It takes two to tickle, so with a nude Carissa Montgomery sitting in a very vulnerable wrists- to-ankles bondage, Lilly Evans does her duty by tantalizing Carissa's ribs and underarms, then going after her sensitive soles with fun- loving fingers! Carissa's noisy ordeal reaches its peak when her legs are raised and spread for double foot- bottom torment by tireless Lilly!

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