Bearskins And Bare Skins

Release Date: Jan.17.2014
Running Time: 0:55:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Aubrielle Summer, Kendra James, Carol Luna, Cherie DeVille, Courtney Dillon, Gulliana Alexis, Randy Moore, Chanel Rae

Seated on a brown bearskin rug, gorgeous nude captive Aubrielle Summer struggles bound and cleave-gagged in the small room where she's been hidden. Wide-eyed Aubrielle gets to know the bearskin more personally when she writhes onto her side, then unwillingly kisses the fur after she's pushed onto her stomach and hogtied!

For Kendra James it's just another evening of kinky pursuit: Carol Luna's hands are tied behind her and she's tape-gagged but her legs are free so she runs and Kendra pursues her! Once she's cornered her luscious naked prey, Kendra fondles Carol's breasts and playfully spanks her, but the ruthless redhead is in for a big surprise. She's evidently violated the terms of her relationship with a dominant male, so indignant Kendra finds herself squirming in naked bondage on the floor next to Carol! Soon tethered on their hips, the two prisoners share subjugation familiar to Carol but shockingly new to Kendra while straining against resistant ropework.

When the photo-shoot began, Cherie DeVille was in high spirits, teasingly twisting a piece of rope around her voluptuous nude torso. So when the photographer suggested something more than a hint of bondage, Cherie was happy to play along. But when playful restraint evolved into rigorous ropework, the strong- willed model demanded her release; to her horror, the obsessed shutterbug responded with a ball-gag and even more restrictive connections. Minute after minute, his camera methodically recorded Cherie's angry contortions while he laughed at her gasped imprecations against the man she'd trusted too much.

In her high heels, Courtney Dillon stands over six feet tall. But Courtney's horizontal now and not wearing her heels, or anything else for that matter. The long-legged nude's pinned on her back to a wooden bench and gagged with duct tape; her crossed wrists are roped behind her head and her shapely size- 10 bare feet efficiently immobilized. Courtney's unpleasant situation takes a turn to the precarious when her malicious captor tilts the bench so he can savor the alarm in Courtney's eyes when her feet rise above her head.

The curse of the massage table strikes Gulliana Alexis after her towel is ripped away and she's intricately roped on her back. Hands bound above her head, Gulliana twists her delectable naked body from side-to-side but remains pinned to the table; duct tape replaces the mouth packing and cleave that first gagged the whimpering little victim.

If Randy Moore had arrived home half an hour later, she would have missed out on all the drama. But when she walked into the living room and found housemate Chanel Rae tied up naked on the floor, squealing through the tape covering her mouth, the intruder was still on the premises. So Randy was drawn into the web of rope already snaring Chanel; now also stripped, she stood tape- gagged and tethered to the stair-railing while her helpless housemate stood similarly bound only a few feet away! While the perpetrator eyed his handiwork with satisfaction, two beautiful bodies undulated in desperate rhythms accompanied by fearful moans.

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