Helpless Hogtied Heroines

Release Date: Jan.02.2014
Running Time: 0:53:8
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Randy Moore, Courtney Dillon, Cherie DeVille, Chanel Rae, Ashley Scott, Layla Rose

A pleasant day of sun-bathing takes a nasty turn for Randy Moore when the bikini- clad beauty walks indoors and surprises an intruder. Tightly roped in her shiny blue bikini, toe-tied and gagged with a knotted cleave, Randy squirms on the dining table where she's been perched. Later, after her top and bottom disappear, a naked and hogtied Randy arches spectacularly!

After she's stripped to panties and socks, leggy Courtney Dillon struggles on her side as she lies tied and tape-gagged on a lounge. A hogtie pushes Courtney onto her stomach, where she writhes with white- socked feet in the air, her eyes pleading above the white tape sealing her lips!

Enticing in her transparent pink teddy, Cherie DeVille falls prey to a callous captor who stuffs cloth in her mouth and covers it with duct tape as the luscious MILF struggles in black-rope bondage. Cherie strains fervently against her bonds while kneeling on a leather- covered table; Cherie's energetic resistance never relents even when her high- arched bare feet are tethered close to her hands in a body- bowing hogtie!

Her garter-belt and reinforced stockings mark statuesque Chanel Rae as a vintage heroine; the network of ropes holding tape-gagged Chanel on her knees assure that she's also a helpless one. The suspended vertical ropes maintain their hold on Chanel even after she's transformed into a nearly immobilized captive by an extremely efficient hogtie.

Naked, trussed up and tape-gagged, spicy redhead Ashley Scott twists and turns on her bed while trying to loosen her ropework! Even after she's hogtied, angry Ashley refuses to give up without a fight.

It's obvious that busty little nude Layla Rose is in trouble: Just listen to the cleave-gagged prisoner whimper as she kneels bound and crotch-roped on a lounge! Layla's predicament only becomes more unpleasant once the brunette beauty's hogtied; despite robust resistance to her bondage, Layla's hands and feet remain in thrall to the knotted coils of rope.

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