Holly Manning: Taped!

Release Date: Apr.04.2016
Running Time: 0:45:31
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning

Holly Manning Vs. Tape Bondage is a battle she can't win! 

Holly ignores warnings about a serial tape bondager until it's too late! Gagged and bound with duct tape, the beauteous barefoot brunette rolls around on her couch in a tight T-shirt and blue jeans! 

The tape-crazed intruder is far from finished with Holly! After raiding her wardrobe, he clothes her in a frilly pink swimsuit and stands her against a wall where she writhes in coils of microfoam tape! Eyes flashing angrily above her gag, Holly twists, turns and rises on tiptoe! 

The unashamed lawbreaker costumes Holly ironically with a a catsuit that clings alluringly to her lithe body! Bright yellow tape successfully subdues and silences black-clad Holly, who's seated at first on the gleaming hardwood floor, then writhes on her stomach and kicks up her elegantly-arched bare feet! 

From burglar to businesswoman: Holly's demurely enticing in her white blouse, black skirt, sheer pantyhose and heels; now it's red tape wrapped around her limbs and torso as she sits in an office chair, with plenty left over to seal her lips! When the feisty heroine slips off her shoes and begins to hop, she's abruptly halted, then arranged sideways in the chair, her wrists and knees taped to its arms!

All good -- and bad -- things must end, so Tape Man reluctantly bids farewell to Holly, but only after paying a final tribute by leaving her restrained in white tape on her bed! She's stunning in a tight patterned minidress and sandals, a visual impact that's doubled as she gazes at her tape-gagged-and-trussed reflection in a wall-length mirror! 

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