Custom Bondage Two

Release Date: Apr.04.2016
Running Time: 0:32:17
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kenna James, Elle Alexandra, Blair Williams

Bondage fantasies take many forms!

Sweet Kenna James is in deep jeopardy as she sits naked and bound on her bed! After she speaks into the phone held by a larcenous intruder, Kenna's ball- gagged by the thief, who's provided her with a crotch-rope, but left her legs untied! This apparent neglect's explained when the villain walks Kenna through her apartment so she can guide him to potential lootables! When their trip's finished, Kenna's placed back on the bed with her ankles and knees secured by rope!

Not satisfied to leave Kenna on the bed while he departs with her valuables, the shameless thief stuffs panties into the mouth of his lovely nude prey while she sits roped to a chair with her legs spread! After wrapping microfoam tape over her mouth and around her head, he watches Kenna squirm apprehensively; his final gesture of domination is a vibrator tied onto her pussy -- a little something to entertain Kenna during the hours of bondage ahead of her! 

Security guard Elle Alexandra is working at her station when she's rudely interrupted by cat burglar Blair Williams! Rope, tape and plastic ties pin the humiliated redhead to her chair and a white cleave-gag separates her lips; while Elle squirms and gasps, Blair goes about her nefarious business! But the busty blonde has a nasty surprise coming and it arrives when she's doublecrossed by her partner, then tied on top of the astonished Elle! Angered by the betrayal, Blair's also bemused when she notices that Elle's aroused by her rope-framed bare breasts! 


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The ending is so amazing.