Ropework Conspiracy

Release Date: Apr.02.2015
Running Time: 0:48:36
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Carter Cruise, Kenna James, Amanda Tate, Cassidy Klein, Mia Malkova, Andrea Rosu

 They're already bound and gagged, but the distress of these damsels is about to escalate!

Wearing casual top and shorts, Kenna James is in for the evening while Carter Cruise in her little red dress is going out to party until greedy intruders make sure that both housemates stay home! Tied hand and foot, gagged with white tape, Carter and Kenna sit toe to toe on the couch and try to remain calm; relieved at first when they're untied, the girls tremble when they're ordered to strip! Naked and more securely bound, Kenna and Carter sit on the floor with their legs stretched out before them until waist-ankle tethers restrict the sexy struggling blondes on their hips!

Stringently restrained with white rope and gagged with white tape, lithe blonde Amanda Tate writhes vigorously on the floor, her pale flesh glowing against the bright red carpet on which she's lying! Despite her valiant efforts, Amanda fails to loosen the ropework, then her bondage takes a bizarre turn when she's rolled up in the carpet so that only her tape-gagged face and bare feet are visible!

Wearing nothing but her bra, winsome brunette Cassidy Klein sits bound and blindfolded in a chair and waits in shivering expectation for the next step in her subjugation! It arrives with the exchange of her blindfold's removal for the application of a tape-gag and the exposure of her breasts. Cassidy's domination by rope climaxes when her ankles are tied separately to the chair-legs so that the spread- legged girl's pussy is blatantly bared!

Flame-haired Andrea Rosu is an exotic, buxom presence in ropework that pins her to a high wooden chair! Her naked pink flesh webbed in rope and her seductive lips spread by a red ball-gag, Andrea noisily protests her predicament while straining against bonds that frustrate her resistance! Embarrassing discipline arrives in response to Andrea's defiance when a temporary release from ankle and thigh ropes gives way to spread-legged pussy exposure!

Mia Malkova's a mouth-watering picture of bound beauty as she sits wide-eyed and squirming in a massive armchair! Her tiny denim shorts riding up close to her bottom and slight pink top pulled up above her rope-framed breasts, Mia begs not to be gagged but a black cleave soon appears between her lush lips! Sweet Mia's plight becomes more humiliating when she's moved into a kneeling position against the chair arm and her shorts pulled down to her knees! 

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