Rios & Rios

Release Date: Apr.07.2011
Running Time: 0:41:52
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Melanie Rios, Valerie Rios

They're pretty, they're charming, they're eager to succeed, but the Rios Sisters made a big mistake when they decided to become detectives!


Hired to watch over a construction site that may hide stolen cash, Melanie and Valerie alertly stand guard -- until the restless Melanie takes a break that ends abruptly when she's grabbed by a greedy character determined to locate the hidden loot! Neatly tied and tape-gagged, Melanie struggles energetically on a bed until she rolls off and hops outdoors to find her sister! Unfortunately for the girls, Valerie too falls into the villain's clutches just as she's about to free Melanie!


Melanie's spirited resistance angers the criminal, so he punishes her by roping her naked and spread-legged to a chair! While the humiliated Melanie squirms with her pussy fully exposed, Valerie sits on the floor, tied, cleave-gagged but still dressed in top and shorts! The captive sisters awkwardly attempt to loosen each other's bonds while the distracted treasure-hunter taunts and threatens them!


Valerie's clothing vanishes and she kneels bound and naked on the floor as a securely-bound and tape-gagged Melanie sits on a table above her! Now obsessed as much with humiliating his captives as locating the loot, the girls' tormentor has left Valerie ungagged because her mouth will be filled with Melanie's toes! Made to suck her sister's wriggling toes and lick her soles, Valerie winces but follows orders!


Once Valerie's oral ordeal comes to an end, the Rios Sisters become the centerpiece of an excruciating bondage tableau when the helpless nudes sit back-to-back on the coffee table! Cinched ropes encircle the girls and permit them only the most limited movements as they wriggle unhappily on their hips and anguished whimpers waft from behind their tape-gags!


How could the sisters' plight be any more dire? The man provides a diabolical answer with a final invasion of their innocent bodies! The rope network has disappeared, but, their wrists tethered separately to their ankles, Valerie and Melanie are still effectively restrained! Resistance crushed by the events of the day, the tape-gagged girls lie on their backs with vibrators inserted into moistened pussies, then tied in place by ingeniously arranged ropes! Against their wills, the Rios Sisters moan while uninvited pleasure surges through their vulnerable flesh until the inevitable shuddering collapse! 


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