My Prisoner In Bondage: Charlotte Stokely

Release Date: Dec.28.2012
Running Time: 0:46:33
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely

A hooded mystery man utilizes hands-on techniques to help sexy author Charlotte Stokely break through her writer's block!

Charlotte Stokely's outlined a steamy novel about a young woman's introduction to sensual bondage but she just can't seem to identify with her central character. After she reports this bad case of writer's block to her editor, he contacts a man whose drastic strategy will force Charlotte to experience the physical sensations and emotions necessary to grasping her character. Setting to work immediately, the problem-solver grabs his hot blonde victim at her home and renders her helpless by tying her wrists, then taping her mouth and ankles! Off come Charlotte's sandals and down comes her top, then the frightened young woman squeals in disbelief as her captor mouths and fondles her breasts and feet!

Ratcheting up Charlotte's vulnerability, the hooded man binds the naked girl to a chair, ankles tied apart to spread her legs and expose a very tempting pussy. Her red lips spread by mouth stuffing and visible through transparent tape, Charlotte mews when her nipples are squeezed, then squeals in shock when powerful fingers dig into her ribs and expose her ticklish potential! Charlotte's wide eyes grow even wider while her mind floods with the novel sensations transmitted by her bound and defenseless body!

Charlotte truly begins to live her role and flesh out the character she'll write when the gorgeous blonde writhes ball-tied and cleave-gagged on a couch during the next encounter with the man who controls her life! Once more, Charlotte winces from the sweet pain as her nipples are tweaked and gasps as her ticklish bare feet are nearly swallowed by a greedy mouth! Left to struggle alone, Charlotte tests her frail body against unyielding ropework; even her red-nailed toes wriggle against the string that welds her feet together!

Charlotte's most physically grueling challenge occurs when she's folded into a cross-ankled hogtie on top of a dining table! Gagged with black tape, the aspiring author can easily imagine herself at the mercy of threatening men, though it's only her tits and toes that attract the attention of a man who clearly enjoys his assignment! Whether she's arching on her stomach and exhibiting curved bare soles or writhing on her side to reveal the full extent of her nudity, Charlotte's a damsel in distress who's truly beginning to grasp the psychological nuances of her plight!

As the physical ordeal intended to unlock her creativity comes to an end, Charlotte lies back on a bed, her bound hands above and bound ankles below tethered to bedposts! Clad only in a short pink silk robe that's later opened to expose her nudity, Charlotte wriggles during a final encounter with her masterful muse and moans behind duct-taped lips when her body's caressed! With his departure, the mentally liberated writer at last frees herself from her physical bonds and happily looks forward to communicating her experiences to the world through a character she now knows so well!

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