Blondes Are More Fun Tied Up

Release Date: Jun.07.2013
Running Time: 0:45:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlee Monroe, Bailey Blue, Stacie Jaxxx, Elaina Raye, Carissa Montgomery, Britney Young

They're wide-eyed, naked and helpless -- savor the sight of a half-dozen blondes struggling in bonds!

So who's in the more uncomfortable position: Bailey Blue sitting bound and naked in wooden stocks, her legs spread wide and bare feet trapped or the equally nude Charlee Monroe, who's roped into a lotus- tie on the floor between Bailey's feet? Don't bother asking either sexy prisoner because they're both tape-gagged!

B-movie princess Stacie Jaxxx earns the enmity of an ornery stuntman, who grabs Stacie while she boasts on the phone about her cinematic exploits! White rope wound tightly around her black dress and boots and a shiny blue ball-gag stuffed in her mouth, Stacie writhes indignantly on a brown leather table! But there's worse to come for Stacie: After she's stripped, the nude starlet's subjected to a toe-tie-accentuated hogtie !

Tiny, naked and vulnerable, Elaina Raye sits tightly trussed and cleave- gagged as she waits for a rescuer to arrive. Instead, Elaina's folded into a hogtie and squirms on the couch while she protests her hostile treatment!

Somebody really has it in for buxom nude Carissa Montgomery, who's made  to kneel on her bed in strict bondage highlighted by a crotch-rope! Once she gets off her knees, ball-gagged Carissa rolls around noisily on the bed and arches her shapely bare feet!

Charlee Monroe shows off her dominant side when she plays a sleek adventuress who overpowers cute little Britney Young and steals her shoes! After binding and ball-gagging Britney, she fondles the kneeling captive's breasts before leaving her naked and hogtied!

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