We'll Have To Keep You Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Oct.10.2016
Running Time: 0:50:1
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ryan Ryans, Amarna Miller, Jelena Jensen, Trillium, Britney Amber, Alex Harper

Who could have guessed that Amarna Miller was such a sneaky little schemer? Certainly not lovely Ryan Ryans, who trusted her assistant -- until Amarna tricked her into opening the office safe and, once she had poor Ryan tied to a chair, stuffed cloth in her mouth and completed gagging her with duct tape! Then, while she waited for her partner to join her, the larcenous redhead helped herself to handfuls of Ryan's substantial rope-framed breasts! But Amarna's great day came to a screeching halt when the partner arrived and double-crossed her; after he ran off with the loot, the bound and gagged bad girl rolled around on the floor next to the friend she betrayed!

The mysterious little blonde known as Trillium was near the end of her time undercover when she made her only mistake. But only one was necessary for her to fall into the clutches of the formidable gang-leader; tightly bound in her blouse, skirt and heels, and gagged with a white cleave, Trillium sat on a wooden chest and tried to keep her cool! Surreptitiously as possible, she nudged aside the curtian next to her and leaned against the window attempting to attract attention. Once again, however, the sharp-eyed evildoer grabbed her and the bare-breasted Trillium was placed on the floor, where she rolled around on the hardwood in disheveled despair! 

Busted! Britney Amber returned home from a long day at the office to find her man watching a bound, gagged and naked woman who bore an amazing resemblance to her struggling on the TV screen! Although Britney tried to convince him that she'd left the bondage life behind, the excited guy wanted a piece of the action, so the sexy secretary took a seat on the floor, her black top, skirt and heels competing for attention with lengths of knotted white rope! Britney's bewildered pleas for release were met with cloth-stuffing held in her mouth by a wide black cloth; her lecherous guy inevitably liberated Britney's amazing breasts from their confinement and removed her heels so that her shapely stockinged feet would be free to arch as she writhed on her hip! 

Slender and seductive in high heels, stockings, skirt and gauzy vest -- all in black surrounding a bright blue top, novice agent Alex Harper believed she'd outsmarted the veteran operative who'd been shadowing her. But as she recovered the plastic bag full of thumb drives that she'd hidden, Alex made the sickening discovery that she was badly mistaken! Gagged with duct tape and tightly bound, the dark- haired beauty strained in frustration on a bed as her opponent mocked her; when resourceful Alex slipped out of her heels and tried to hop off the bed, she was summarily discouraged with a hogtie that left her squirming on her stomach with her black- stockinged soles arching above her head!

Stylish and statuesque brunette executive Jelena Jensen was held in bondage to convince her CEO that he should agree to a shady investor's demands! During the alarming experience, Jelena sat roped to a chair with a black cleave- gag knotted between her lips; as the hours passed, one of the female operatives responsible for her detention callously exposed her substantial bosom and stole her shoes to take as trophies! Her bare breasts protruding through her open blouse and black- stockinged feet twisting on the floor, Jelena struggled with desperate vigor against her harrowing plight! 

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