Good Girl, Don't - Or Be Tied Up

Release Date: Oct.10.2016
Running Time: 0:48:14
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sara Liz, Trillium

There's rarely a good outcome when you encounter larcenous intruders in your home and for innocent little blonde Trillium, the couple she confronted were especially menacing! After seizing and hand-gagging her, the towering alpha- male turned Trillium over to accomplice Sarah Liz, who tied the petite girl's hands behind her back. After escorting Trillium to her bedroom and seating her on the edge of the bed, Sara bound her ankles, gagged her with duct tape and left to join her associate. Once she was alone, Trillium crawled across the bed, stretched out her legs toward a nearby window and tried to attract attention by tapping on the glass panes with her bare toes! But instead the sounds brought back Sara back, who pulled Trillium away from the window, then warned her with almost big-sister gentleness to accept her bondage and avoid riling her volatile partner; after all, she promised, the burglars would soon be gone. 

But Sara was sadly mistaken, because her devious partner had plans for her that she hadn't foreseen. Seated in an armchair and tightly trussed in her black top, jeans and sandals, the stunned and tape-gagged Sara had to listen to the conscienceless man boast about how easily he'd tricked her! He'd be taking all the loot for himself and leaving her in bondage to take the rap -- but first he'd celebrate the end of their partnership in a very special way! Breasts bared, Sara writhed in disgust as the treacherous man fondled them, then struggled on the floor after he left her to scoop up Trillium's valuables!

As it turned out, the confident thief was in no great hurry to leave the scene of his latest coup, as Sara and Trillium learned after they were brought together and seated on a couch in nude bondage! Their naked bodies robustly restrained with ropework accentuated by toe-ties, Trillium and Sara strained in futility against unyielding bonds and murmured to each other through white tape-gags that they then attempted to remove by rubbing their faces together. After the failure of their struggles, a weary Trillium lay back, her head in Sara's lap as they waited apprehensively for the triumphant crook's next move. 

His new arrangement of their bound bodies brought Trillium and Sara even closer than before, though in a way that made both cringe! Perched on a wooden dining table and cleave-gagged, they twisted side-by-side until the creative creep joined Sara's left leg to Trillium's right with rope coiled around their ankles and knees! After their opposing ankles were attached to the table-legs, the powerless women's legs were blatantly spread, a situation that embarrassed them and amused their heartless oppressor! 

It was almost time for the confident criminal to hit the road but not before he played a few more games with his betrayed ex-partner and the unfortunate homeowner. At first he allowed Sara and Trillium to roam naked, bound and gagged but with their legs free of rope, then arranged his playthings so that they stood face-to- face with their breasts pressed together! But their relative freedom was fleeting and they soon writhed in a horizontal finale, lying hogtied next to each other on the floor, then twisting energetically on their sides, after the proud psychopath left the scene! 

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