Evil Twin Ties

Release Date: Aug.05.2011
Running Time: 0:44:38
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Shayla Stevens, MacKenzie Montgomery, Candice McLain, Tiffany Thomas, Chantel Osmond, Ava Turner, Shiva Sanders, Alysa Reed

It's a big world, so what are the odds that Shayla Stevens and Ava Turner would encounter their evil twins? Actually better than you might expect! The two busty beauties are in for trouble when they encounter their wicked counterparts, first being bound and tape-gagged for inspection, then stripped to panties, retied and ball-gagged before the bad girls waltz off in the good girls' clothes! Also starring Mackenzie Montgomery and Candace McLain as two rival detectives who struggle in bondage together; Shiva Sanders and Alysa as a rock musician and her manager who share ropes and gags; and Tiffany Thomas and Chantel Osmond, who both learn the hard way that espionage can leave one in a bind! 

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