Spies In Bondage: Carr Or Carissa?

Release Date: Nov.24.2014
Running Time: 0:47:9
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Staci Carr, Carissa Montgomery
Who's the corporate spy: Staci Carr or Carissa Montgomery? A sinister operative uses stringent methods to discover the truth!
The black op pounces on Staci in her living room, binds the petite blonde's wrists behind her back and gags her with a knotted black cleave!  Her chest framed by rope and ankles tied, Staci struggles in stockinged feet on her couch as the intruder accuses her of espionage!  After tethering her waist to ankle and fondling the breasts he's bared, the ominous figure leaves Staci with the promise that he'll return with Carissa in tow!
Staci's buxom colleague is working at her computer when she's visited by a very unwelcome guest!  Carissa tries to run, but she's swiftly subdued by ropes and gag, then seated on a futon and confronted by the same accusation that the hooded man had directed against Staci!  It's difficult to tell where professional intimidation ends and personal thrill-seeking begins when the op enthusiastically tickles Carissa's bound stockinged feet, then handles breasts he's freed from her blouse and bra.  Before she's
whisked away to join Staci, Carissa's disciplinary restraint escalates to the hogtie level!
Sitting side-by-side naked and bound to wooden chairs, Staci and Carissa listen as their disguised tormentor lays out the simple scenario:  One of them is a spy; one is innocent but will remain in jeopardy until the the guilty party confesses!  Both adamantly deny their guilt, so he leaves them alone to discuss their plight.  After more protestations of innocence, the operative realizes that his assignment will take some time to complete -- not a completely unpleasant situation for him!  So he gags the uncooperative pair, then leaves Staci and Carissa to squirming indignantly -- until he emphasizes his mastery by handling their
breasts and tweaking their nipples, individually and collectively!
What's the next step in their hazardous journey for Carissa and Staci?  Now they stand together, their nude bodies coiled with rope and supported by tethers overhead; despite their nerve-wracking predicament, the bewildered executives continue to proclaim their
innocence.  After a pair of ball-gags cut short their strenuous pleas, Staci and Carissa encounter the chilling influence of ice chips stroked along naked flesh from breasts to bare feet!  He's trying to ascertain the truth, but there's no doubt this interrogator is enjoying the sight of two luscious nudes writhing and squealing in bondage!
Still subdued by rope, now gagged with microfoam tape, Staci and Carissa sit wearily on the floor with their backs against the wall, literally and figuratively!  Convinced of each other's innocence, they also know that the tireless inquisitor will never accept the truth.
When he catches them pathetically attempting to loosen their rope-work, the frustrated op folds each of them into wrist-ankle tethers and roll them onto their sides!  Things are looking bad for Staci and Carissa -- could they get any worse? 


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