Phoebe's Back In Bondage

Release Date: Nov.02.2015
Running Time: 0:48:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Phoebe Queen, Sandra Sixx, Alex Grey, Staci Carr, Keira Nicole

Sweet little Phoebe Queen thought she was finished with ropes and gags, but they weren't finished with Phoebe!

Xandra Sixx flicks her eyes nervously back and forth, an understandable reaction to the plight that's left her tied on a chair in her bra and panties, her mouth covered with strips of tape! Xandra's being held by shadowy figures awaiting the arrival of her friend Phoebe Queen with a computer drive they're avid to possess. When Phoebe shows up, she hands over the drive and demands Xandra's freedom in return; instead she's ordered to strip to her lingerie! While the drive's being examined, the friends will remain in bondage; still wearing her glasses, petite Phoebe's adorable but apprehensive as she writhes next to Xandra! After their rope-bound breasts are bared, the chairbound and tape-gagged pair wonder what could possibly happen next! 

The answer to their forebodings arrives when Phoebe and Xandra are freed from the chairs, but only so they can be deprived of their bras and panties! Crotch-ropes replace the panties when the dazed girls stand naked and trapped in ropes that are linked above their heads to a hanging chain! Finally satisfied that Phoebe's drive contains the secret formulas they're after, the ruthless operatives depart, but not before bringing Xandra and Phoebe to their knees on a platform; murmuring to each other through the duct tape sealing their lips, they twist in ropework that refuses to release them! 

Alex Grey discovers that it's helpful to have a kink-savvy friend show up when she's having trouble tying herself up. Before long, blonde sprite Alex sits neatly trussed up in her diaphanous black nighty; a white cleave completes the illusion of a distressed damsel! Illusion becomes reality, however, when Alex's acquaintance refuses to release her, then bares her breasts! Furious at this betrayal, Alex rolls around on the couch and kicks up her bare feet, but the bondage has trapped her too snugly for Miss Grey to escape! 

It's Staci Carr's bedroom but she won't be resting there anytime soon after she's ordered to strip, then placed on the bed, her blonde beauty and creamy flesh subdued by black rope and tape! In a reverse contrast, Staci's black-nailed big toes are pinned together by coils of white string; bare-skinned from head to toe, the blue- eyed heroine struggles courageously even after her legs are folded close to her torso by several more coils of rope. Only after a wrist-ankle tether is added does Staci lie on her side in almost total immobility!

A dazzling sight in her bright red party dress, Keira Nicole strains in frustration against the web of rope that coils around her body! Hitched to a bedpost and gagged with a white cleave, Keira twists on the floor, but is powerless to prevent the exposure of her breasts! After she loses her high heels but gains additional bondage that folds her legs closer to her body, barefoot Keira rolls desperately onto her hip, her eyes wide with alarm as she whimpers pathetically! 

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