Tie Her Up And Keep Her Quiet

Release Date: Nov.02.2015
Running Time: 0:51:57
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Samantha Hayes, Keira Nicole, Candle Boxxx, Mila Brite, Sovereign Syre, Alex Grey, Staci Carr

When sneaky Keira Nicole discovered that her friend Samantha Hayes owned a valuable paining, she came up with a scheme that would deprive Samantha of the art but leave Keira in the clear! The plan worked well at first, as a stunned Samantha and a secretly delighted Keira sat side-by-side on a couch, neatly dressed in blouses, skirts, pantyhose and heels -- also neatly bound with rope and chewing on black cleave- gags! Once Keira's co-conspirator departed with the painting, she played along with Samantha by attempting to escape from their bonds, but then the scam went south. A rival thief who'd heard about the painting showed up, grabbed Keira to use in exchange for the art and left poor innocent Samantha hogtied on the couch!

Immobilized and silenced, bewildered businesswoman Candle Boxxx sits squirming on the edge of her bed, linked to the bedpost by a pair of knotted tethers! Candle's thoroughly gagged with mouth-packing and tape, so she's capable of nothing more than futile mumbling when she's repositioned on the bed, high heels removed and rope-framed breasts thrust through her blouse and jacket! Struggling vigorously despite her knees and ankles being hitched to opposite ends of the bed, Candle kicks up her stockinged feet as she battles the intricate rope network!

Mila Brite was reluctant to contact the authorities about her housemate's suspicious behavior, but she finally decided she had no choice and picked up her phone. Too late, Mila -- one red-nailed hand reached out to silence the busty little blonde; another yanked the phone from her grip! Within moments, Mila was sitting on the dining table, her blouse-and-skirt clad body secured in ropework and her mouth covered with microfoam tape! After the erratic housemate bared Mila's breasts, the alarmed girl managed to pull free of the rope tethering her ankles to the table leg, but Mila paid for her boldness when the crazed woman pulled off her pumps and hogtied the barefoot beauty on the table! 

Alex Grey went ballistic when she learned that her boyfriend had sold an old jacket to the local thrift store -- she'd hidden an envelope full of cash in its pocket! So it was off to the store for Alex, where she encountered manager Sovereign Syre, who told her that the store was closing for the day. When she learned that the buxom brunette was working alone, Alex wasted no time in assuring the intimidated woman's co-operation by placing her in bondage! After retrieving the cash, Alex was about to leave, but as she watched Sovereign writhing bound and gagged on the floor, the blonde bad girl decided to tarry for awhile! Only after fondling the defenseless woman's breasts and tickling her stockinged feet did Alex finally saunter out of the store! 

It's not easy for Staci Carr to stay under the radar -- the flowing blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and rocking little body just attract too much attention. Especially when Staci's clothed that body in a shiny blue blouse, tight black skirt, hose and heels, trying to remain unobtrusive is nearly impossible. So it's no surprise that a calculating villain catches sizzling Staci in a sneaky act, then seats the tightly-trussed snoop in a chair with a black cleave separating her lush lips! Bare-breasted Staci's downward spiral into submission continues after she's hogtied on the floor, where she arches indignantly as she points the toes of her stockinged feet! 

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