Beautiful Bound Babes

Release Date: Jun.07.2013
Running Time: 0:44:34
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Mia Malkova, Jamie Lynn, Sophia Taylor, Vanessa Sixxx, Elaina Raye

"How would you like to see me spread-eagled naked on the bed?" When luscious Charlotte Stokely asks that question, the answer can only be a resounding YES! Once Charlotte's roped into position, the super-sensual captive continues to tease with contortions that focus attention on her vulnerable pussy and equally provocative verbal gestures that cease only when a bright blue ball- gag's tied between those beckoning red lips! Gagged and helpless, Charlotte happily recognizes that her power over our imaginations is limitless!

Mia Makova experiences bondage in a context that couldn't be more different than Charlotte's! Returning home to find her apartment in disarray, the dazzling young woman's forced to lie face down on the floor, where she's tied hand and foot, then gagged with duct tape by the burglar! After struggling energetically for several minutes, Mia's no closer to freeing herself; later deprived of her dress and hogtied by the sadistic intruder, the toe-tied girl arches her naked body on the hardwood with amazing athleticism! Keep your eye on Mia -- she's a rising star!

Kneeling nude, bound and tape-gagged on a red leather chair, Jamie Lynn vigorously reacts against the bondage inflicted by a phantom captor! Jamie's desperate moans fill the air as she twists against the ropes pinioning her limbs until she slumps onto her hip and unhappily submits to restraint that extends to the string securing her toes!

Sophia Taylor and Vanessa Sixxx enjoyed the party but the aftermath wasn't so pleasant! Surprised in their bedroom, the stylishly-clad girls squirm tied and tape-gagged on the bed until their determined efforts to free each other lead to retaliatory hogties! Their breasts bared and toes tied, Vanessa and Sophia continue to roll about noisily on the bed long after the evildoers have departed!

Let's return to the realm of consensual bondage with tiny charmer Elaina Raye, who finds herself in an imaginative position that raises her legs high and spreads them as she lies back on a lounge chair with her hands tied above her head! Her pink pussy appealingly exposed, tape-gagged Elaina playfully kicks her feet around until even their mobility's diminished by string pinning her big toes together!

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